UM students share thoughts on presidential election’s biggest issues


University of Mississippi senior Drake Wilson said he’s not sure if he will vote in the election.

orangeteamlogoBy Catie Coan, Kady Cox, Anne Merrill Jones and Bailey Martin

The presidential election is quickly approaching, and University of Mississippi students are discussing which candidate they believe should be our country’s next president.

In the first of a series of stories on the election, we randomly interviewed students on campus this week to ask what they think are some of the biggest issues America is facing, and whether or not they believe either presidential candidate can help solve the issues.

Tousley Leake, a junior integrated marketing communications major, doesn’t feel some important issues have been thoroughly discussed in this election.

“Both candidates should be on reality television shows,” Leake said. “Some of our country’s biggest issues are knowing how to deal with ISIS and the education gap that is often overlooked.”

Leake believes neither candidate will solve the country’s issues. “I think they both have done and said things to gain a lot of enemies and are only harming the country more with their scandals,” Leake said.


Katie Wiggins

Katie Wiggins said she hopes the new president will improve the economy.

“I think some of our country’s biggest issues are economic,” she said, “because there are several things to be fixed within that realm. I also think immigration and foreign policy follow that.”

Wiggins said she will vote for Hillary Clinton. “Her ideas regarding these issues are perfect, whereas Donald Trump, in general, is just a complete joke,” Wiggins said. “She will be able to make an impact on these issues.”


UM senior Drake Wilson said immigration is a big issue in this election. “We have so many people coming over here taking jobs from the people who need them, and citizens are left fighting for a position,” he said. “I think it would be smart if we were able to, somehow, open up jobs overseas that would help us a lot.”

However, Wilson said he hasn’t followed the election and debates. “I feel like neither candidate is a great choice,” he said. “I don’t even know if I’m going to vote this year.”

Gabriella Elnicki, a UM sophomore, said the campaign has been divisive, and  Americans need to come together.

“I think America’s biggest issue is a lack of unity,” she said. “We are becoming divided, and it’s holding us back. I am unsure if either candidate is capable of bringing America back to its full potential. It will be interesting to see what happens.”




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