UM students voice opinions about Clinton as possible U.S. president


By Charles Miller, Connor Nunnally, Torry Rees, Natalie Beth Seales, Ellen Simmons and Ashley Wallace

indigoteamlogoIn the sixth story of an election coverage series, we randomly interviewed students on campus to ask why Hillary Clinton is the right or wrong candidate for president.

Livi Harrison, who works on the University of Mississippi campus, said she’d rather vote for a third-party candidate. “I don’t think (Clinton) would make for a good president,” she said.

Harrison believes neither Trump or Clinton are good candidates. She said Clinton has changed her mind too often. While she agrees with some things Clinton has said, Harrison said she doesn’t believe Clinton will live up to her campaign promises.

Garret Perez, a UM freshman philosophy major, won’t be voting for Clinton. “Hillary is not to be trusted,” he said. “She is a liar. She has a terrible reputation as the secretary of state, and she is not the right person for the job.”

Perez said he believes Clinton has done a terrible job as secretary of state, and is not trustworthy. “Ever hear of Benghazi?” he said. “Hillary did nothing to save those people. She also will say anything in order to get into office.”

However, some people believe Clinton would be a great president. Sarah Sims, a UM sophomore hospitality major, said Clinton will be a great leader.

“Hillary is definitely the right woman for the job,” she said. “She is experienced … and knows exactly what she is talking about.”

Sims said she believes the wealthy should be taxed, and the money should be given to the poor. She believes Clinton will will make college more affordable, which is an issue that personally affects Sims.

“I am a 20-year-old girl,” she said, “and I am barely making it through life because I have to pay so much money just to get an education. I dream of a country where the price of your education is free. It’s really expensive to live in the land of the free.”

UM student Kathleen Winslette, 18, said Clinton should not become president. “I think she is a lair,” Winslette said. “She is not fit to run our country. A man should be in charge of doing that.”

Winslette said she hasn’t watched every debate, but she is interested in politics. “I watched the first one, and that was it,” she said. “But that was enough to know that this race is definitely a different one than we have ever seen.”

UM student A.J. Howell believes Clinton has hidden agendas. “She says broad things that everyone would obviously agree with,” Howell said. “She’ll say, ‘Let’s have equal rights,’ which is what everyone will agree with. But then, when everyone’s clapping, she’ll slide her own agenda in there.”

Howell said she supports equal rights and feminism, but believes Clinton’s feminist views are “a little too extreme.”

“If she could tone that down, I think I can support her a little bit more,” she said.

Howell believes Clinton should be more direct with her intentions. “If she could have Donald Trump’s bluntness, I think she could be right for president,” she said.


Cady Smith. Photo by Natalie Seales.

Cady Smith, a UM junior from White Oak, Mississippi, doesn’t care for either presidential candidate, but she said she doesn’t think Clinton should be president.

“In this presidency, you have to weigh pros and cons, because they are both not very good,” Smith said.

The website PolitiFact has fact-checked claims about the Clinton email controversy since last year. Click here to read their fact sheet about it.

UM student Leigh White said she’ll vote for Clinton. “I would say Hillary is the right choice, solely because I don’t want Trump to win the presidency,” she said.

While White favors Clinton, she said she’s unimpressed with both candidates.

“It’s good that (Clinton) does have political experience in a presidential context as the First Lady, whereas Trump has no political experience at all,” she said.

White said she agrees with Clinton’s policy ideas regarding most issues, such as women’s health, but the email scandal concerns her.

“How can someone who is held to such a high standard break the law and face no repercussions?” she said. “If she’s able to get away with that, what else could she get away with if she’s elected president?”

Ultimately, White believes Clinton is the most capable candidate for the presidency, but thinks America can “do better than this.”




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