UM students voice opinions about Trump as possible U.S. president



By Elijah Coombs, Amanda Hill, Katie Wasierski, Hawk Woodall and Jack Newsome

In the seventh story of an election coverage series, we randomly interviewed students on campus to ask why Donald Trump is the right or wrong candidate for president.

University of Mississippi nursing major Mason Standrod isn’t sold on either candidate yet, but he’s leaning toward Trump. “As a private citizen, he [Trump] knows the effect of government on a personal level,” Standrod said. “He sees the problems, he addresses them as a concerned citizen, and it isn’t sugar-coated. He tells it like it is.”

UM marketing major John Stevens doesn’t trust Trump’s decisions. “He has not shown good judgment his entire campaign,” Stevens said. “He has no political experience, and it’s worrisome.”


UM sophomore Alexa Steele will not be voting for Trump. “I don’t support an individual who publicly endorses homophobia, sexism and racism,” she said. “I prefer to follow someone in good conscience who shares the same ideals that I do.

“The figure in charge of our country’s domestic and international relations should be someone who the vast majority of our nation is/would be proud of. Donald Trump, as president, would reduce the United States government to a noncommittal farce. ”

Samuel Fire, a UM sophomore geological engineering major, said he won’t be voting for Trump. “Trump is going to turn our country into the laughing stock of the world,” he said. “We live in this generation that obsesses over the Kardashians and pop culture. Now, one of those millionaire celebrities is going to run our country? Scary.”

Instead, Fire said he’ll vote for Gary Johnson, a businessman, author, politician, and the Libertarian Party nominee for president of the United States in the 2016 election.

UM student Garrett Kronk will be voting for Trump. “I grew up in a Republican household,” he said. “My dad’s whole side is diehard conservative Republican. I’m not as hardcore as my dad’s dad, but yes, I’d say I’m Republican.”

Kronk was born in London, Ohio on a corn farm. He said his father now runs one of the largest crop insurance firms in Ohio. “Trump’s a businessman, and America needs to be run like a business now more than ever,” he said. “We had one chance with Romney, but lost that chance.”

UM student Adam Paquette said he likes that Trump is direct. However, “He doesn’t have a filter sometimes,” said Paquette, who believes Trump should be president. Paquette said he doesn’t believe any of the other Republican party candidates had a realistic chance, and Trump gives the Republican party the best shot at the presidency.

Paquette said some of the Trump scandals that have come to light in the last few weeks have affected his view of Trump, but he still believes he’s the best man for the Republican party, even if Trump isn’t the model conservative Republican.





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