Millennials discuss biggest problems of their generation


Kady Cox                                                                               

Technology, political correctness and a self-righteous attitude are three descriptors millennials have used to define their own generation. We asked five millennials what they thought were the biggest issues or problems their generation faces.


Adam Murphy

University of Mississippi sophomore Adam Murphy said his generation’s biggest issue is “ignorance.”

“Our generation is scratching the surface,” he said, “but never actually taking the time to fully understand concepts and issues. We suffer from a severe lack of communication.

“In today’s world, everything and everyone are so easily accessible. Yet, we’re so used to communicating virtually that when it comes time to speak in person, no one has any idea what they’re doing.

“On campus, we walk by each other, headphones in our ears, not wanting to take the time to talk to anyone unless we have to. We’ve made incredible progress scientifically, but I think we’ve been set back in a lot of ways in terms of basic human interaction.”


Brennan Bornhorst

UM sophomore Brennan Bornhorst said “political correctness” is his generation’s biggest problem. “I think the biggest setback for our generation is that everything has to be so politically correct,” he said. “Maybe the best way to describe something is by telling the blunt truth.”

Virginia Commonwealth University graduate student Tiannah Blassingame said “reliance” is the millennial generation’s biggest problem.


Tiannah Blassingame

“We, as young people, have always been in the era of social media, causing us to rely on Google to help us answer a question, or an app to tell us the weather, or how much money is in our bank account,” she said.


Sondra Schneider

UM sophomore Sondra Schneider agrees that millennials are too invested in social media and technology.


Ronnie Piemonte

“It’s life-changing, and that’s frightening,” she said. “Our generation wouldn’t know what to do if technology was prohibited.”

Ronnie Piemonte, a Virginia Tech junior, said “self-righteousness” is the biggest issue of his generation.

“Everyone thinks that they are so right about everything, that it’s impossible to see issues from other perspectives than our own,” he said. “In short, no one can admit when they are wrong.”






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