How do you afford to live in Oxford? University of Mississippi students discuss cost of living


Photo by Natalie Seales

D’Jarvis Gatewood

Being a student that resides off campus can be expensive. Some students have to live miles from campus to find an apartment that fits their budget. In the first story of a series, we ask students and  residents how they are making ends meet in Oxford.


University of Mississippi student Zay Travis said it can be expensive living in Oxford.

“However, I do understand that Oxford has some of the nicest student living in all of Mississippi, in my opinion,” he said. “I maintain paying rent and going to school by working my campus job at the Yerby Center and saving throughout the summer and other holiday breaks.”


Dariel Wicks said the cost of maintaining a comfortable lifestyle in Oxford is expensive.

“As a student, I have two jobs, and they both pay minimum wage,” he said. “Generally, I find having a school meal plan to be helpful in saving money.”

Wicks said his parents pay his rent.


DaMarkus Lodge, a receiver for the Ole Miss football team, said the cost of living in Oxford is reasonable.

“It gets kind of hard to a maintain paying rent while being in school, because sometimes you have to pay for books and other items needed for classes, so you have to make sure that money is budgeted wisely,” he said. “It’s also pretty easy to forget about paying rent once the time comes, because you have so much schoolwork on your mind you tend to forget sometimes, but it is pretty manageable.”


A’nico Kimble said maintaining an Oxford lifestyle can be financially challenging.

“With me being a full-time student, I also have a full-time job,” he said. “This job often distracts me from my schoolwork, but it is necessary for me to participate in because it is how I pay for my rent, food and other daily living expenses. I do wish the cost of living was less expensive. That way, I could manage school and work more efficiently.”







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