Locals wish for specific businesses in Oxford

img_3725Taylor Dowden
The Oxford Eagle

Oxford is a growing city, and some hope that growth will bring more shopping options. We asked Oxford residents and students what stores they would like to see in Oxford.


Andrew Delmastro

Oxford native Andrew Delmastro said there are plenty of stores with some major chains, such as DICK’s Sporting Goods.

“However, if I could add one store it would be Target,” he said. “It’s just like the presidential election, we have Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We need a third party. Right now, people only have the options of Walmart or Kroger.”

UM sophomore Rebecca Kahler agrees that Oxford needs a Target.

“There are some shopping stores, but not enough that fit my budget,” she said. “If there was a Target or American Eagle here, I may actually shop locally. Right now, I usually go online for clothes.”


Caleb Bents

UM junior Caleb Bents thinks Oxford has many shopping options, but it’s still lacking in some areas.

“I definitely think there is a lack of stores for shopping,” he said. “But I am from California where even the smallest towns have about the same amount of people as this place.”

Other than JC Penney and Belk, Bents said there isn’t anywhere else to shop for clothes.

“The Ross and Marshalls will help, but a Kohl’s or T.J. Maxx would be nice,” he said. “I think Oxford is growing in the right direction, it will just take a while for everything to be built and for more business to be brought in.”


Chris Burress

Memphis native Chris Burress hopes Oxford will someday add a shopping mall.

“There, for sure, is a lack of clothing stores,” he said. “If I want clothing or shoes, I have to go to Memphis. Even electronics, I have to go to Memphis. Right now, I am looking for a subwoofer, and I have to buy it online. I would like it if they opened a mall. Bring in the popular stores – Dillard’s, Footlocker, Finish Line. Just bring in some different stores to give a variety.”

Burress said a mall would make Oxford more of an attraction.

“If they did build a mall, it would give people a reason to come down here,” he said. “…They are slowly building, but I wish it would happen quickly, because I am going to leave in a few years. Maybe when I come down for future football games, they will have a mall.”


Ira Graf

Germany native Ira Graf also wishes she could find more variety in shopping stores. If she could bring any store to Oxford, it would be Beshka. Beshka is a German store that sells Spanish-style clothing.

A mall would also include a store for shoes. “I cannot find shoes here,” Graf said.

DICK’s Sporting Goods opened in September. Marshalls grand opening in Oxford is scheduled for Nov. 10.





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