From campus jobs to scholarships, UM students pay the bills in a variety of ways

img_5612Jessie Gregory

It can be financially challenging to live in Oxford. Some take out loans. Others pay out of pocket by working multiple jobs. In the second story of a series, we take a look at the cost of living in Oxford, and ask how students are making ends meet in the city.

UM students John Paul Bieller, Jaquann King and Alexandria Wraggs all have different ways of handling the cost of living in Oxford. Bieller lived in Brown Hall his freshman year and paid for housing through student loans.

“I now live off campus off of Jackson Avenue, and I still pay my rent through student loans,” he said. “I have two jobs currently. One of those jobs is being a radio host for Rebel Radio, but unfortunately, it is now a volunteer job this semester.”

Bieller’s other job is working in UM athletics, where he is an ambassador for sports and is in charge of promoting athletic events and helping make the program better.

“My rent is $625 a month,” he said. “I usually have my parents help if I can’t make enough in a month, but it’s coming along smoother than I expected. I think it is reasonable priced because my town home is very nice and is located in a good part of Oxford, two minutes from campus.”


Jaquann King

Jaquann Kendrick King is an integrated marketing communications manager at the University of Mississippi. His father is an attorney, and his mother works in the home.

“Unfortunately, I did not receive an adequate amount of scholarships to pay my tuition,” King said, “so I had to rely on federal financial aid to pay for school. Financial aid also paid for my student housing my freshman year on campus like most students at the university.”

This year, King chose to live off campus at The Retreat in Oxford where his rent is $650 a month.

“I do not pay my own rent because I am currently unemployed, and I am also a full-time student. My father pays my rent every month, and we agreed before I moved in that my rent was a reasonable price given everything that is included in my home.”


Alexandria Wraggs

Wraggs said she lived in Burns Hall her freshman year. Now, she lives at Campus Walk Apartments. While Burns looks much better, she said she has more space at Campus Walk.

“I still share a living space with four other people, which sucks, but on the other hand, I get to have overnight guests without a CA bugging me about it,” she said.

Wraggs said she applied for many scholarships, including the Barnett scholarship, the Ole Miss Alumni Scholarship, and the Ole Miss Opportunity Scholarship. All are used to pay her rent for the year.

“I  have an electricity bill at Campus Walk and two jobs,” she said. “I work at Juva juice and in the Provost Office, but these are just jobs so that I have money in pocket to help with gas or school supplies.”

Wraggs said her scholarships pay for $476 in rent a month.

“I feel as though Campus Walk is very overpriced for what they have to offer versus other places that are much cheaper, like the Connection, and it looks way more appealing,” she said.

Wraggs said she plans to move out of Campus Walk her senior year since her scholarships pay for rent there through the end of her junior year.

“If I do move before then, my scholarship is cut in half, so staying at a campus-based apartment is the best deal for me, financially,” Wraggs said.






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