UM students discuss Oxford’s healthy food options

From left, Lauren Ferguson, Margaret Felsher and Sallie Sylvester.

Fairlie Outland

It can be hard to find the time to eat healthy in college without spending a fortune. Students have so much going on in their daily lives, one struggle they face is finding options that are healthy, inexpensive and accessible.

UM student Margaret Felsher said she wants to eat healthy.

“I always aim for a healthy meal,” she said, “especially later in the day, but I, oftentimes, get so busy I run out of time to have a healthy, sit-down lunch or dinner.”

A solution to this problem could be the addition of healthier fast food options in Oxford. As a city, Oxford has been growing by the day. The city has added new restaurants, but the majority of the new additions are unhealthy fast food chains found just about anywhere in the United States.

UM student Sallie Sylvester said she’d also like to see more healthy options.

“I would really like to see more healthy options come to Oxford within the next year or so,” she said. “It’s not always easy to go grab something healthy when you have a busy week or are in a crunch for time.”

UM student Margaret Campbell would also like to eat healthy more often.

“I really love fast food,” she said, “but it’s also nice to eat healthy every now and then. If Oxford had more healthier and inexpensive restaurants, I would definitely have better eating habits, especially during the week.”

UM student Lauren Ferguson said it’s important to have a healthy balance.

“Oxford, while it has some of the best food in the country in my opinion, lacks the balance between healthy and non-healthy options,” Ferguson said.

On the Ole Miss campus, there are two places with healthy options and relatively good prices. Freshii is located in the bottom level of Rebel Market and has a wide range of healthy options from rice bowls and salads to smoothies. Toss It Up, a salad bar, is another health option in the Student Union.

FullSizeRender-4.jpgPhoto by Fairlie Outland- Pangoa bowl at Freshii on the Ole Miss campus.

Sophomore Sara Brown said is a fan of Freshii.

“I love Freshii and go there at least three or four times a week,” she said. “It’s great for in-between classes, and you’re never left waiting for more than 20 minutes at the most. It’s great that I can go grab a quick lunch between classes and know that I didn’t just indulge in hundreds of calories.”

Greenline made its debut in Oxford last year as a salad bar filled with healthy combinations. Ole Miss student Mary Alden Wing eats there often.

“I love Greenline and all the variety it has to offer,” she said. “It’s the kind of place you can go to multiple times and not get tired of because there is always ways to change up your order. I also love that it’s super healthy and filling. I always leave with leftovers to take home and eat later.”

A basic salad with four toppings and meat at Greenline is around $10 dollars, but they provide a rather large serving, which allows customers to be able to get the most bang for their buck.

IMG_7205.jpgPhoto by Fairlie Outland- Make-Your-Own Spinach Salad at Greenline on the Square.