Now that Halloween is over, will clown chaos disappear?


Halloween costumes at Walmart.

Julia Wickes

Many people are wondering if the clown hysteria that spread across the United States and into other countries will continue after Halloween. Did the pending holiday fuel all of those crazy clown stories we heard, or will the clown chaos now dissipate?


One fact remains. People still think clowns are creepy.

UM freshman Julia Guzman said, “Clowns make me scared.”

If she saw a clown, Guzman said, “I would scream and run as fast as I can for a really long time.”

All “sightings” are rumors. None are proven, but the idea of the possibility of clowns still makes some University of Mississippi students uneasy. Brendan Spellman is one.

“I don’t like clowns,” he said. “When I walk alone on campus at night, I fear clowns.”

With this fear comes the fear of the unknown, he said, like where the clown movement originated.


UM student Lauren Booth is also afraid of clowns.

“They started in South Carolina and worked their way down the coast and are now in Texas,” she said. “I think the last place they were spotted was UT, the University of Texas. I heard that they were supposedly spotted here a few weeks ago.

“You would think that when I went to college, I’d develop a bravery. I didn’t. I actually developed a greater fear of clowns.”

Booth said she also heard a rumor that the clown movement was an advertising gimmick to promote an upcoming clown movie.

“However, I have not seen any trailers to promote said movie,” she said.

The local Walmart did not have any clown costumes in stock this year. However, they did sell face paint for clowns.

The absence of clown costumes could mean all clown costumes had been purchased, or the store did not stock clown costumes because of potential clown problems.


Until the clown chaos is over, UM student Drew Neesmith will keep watch. “I’m not really a fan [of clowns],” he said.


Will Martine said he thinks all the clown news is ridiculous.

“I think all the people trying to scare people dressed like clowns is stupid,” he said.


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