Students continue to struggle with parking issues

Courtney Cone waiting for the bus to take her to her car in the rain.

A student waiting for the bus to take her to her car in the rain.

Caroline Luckie

Parking is always a problem, especially in Oxford. Whether it’s on campus or off campus, finding a parking spot is never an easy task. In the fifth story of a series on parking, we interviewed students about the challenges they face finding a space.

Sophomore Caroline Blair says a lot of prayers before coming to campus each day, many of them involve finding a parking place.

Blair, who has begun using the Oxford University Transit bus system to get to campus, believes freshman shouldn’t be allowed to bring their cars on campus.

“That way, all the lots at the dorms could be used for parking.”

Blair said using the park-n-ride or OUT bus option has helped this semester.

“This really has made my life so much easier,” Blair said. “I don’t have to worry about not having a spot, and I don’t have to search for one like all my friends do. I have a commuter parking pass, but trying to find a spot there is so hard.

“The only time it’s easy is before 8 a.m., so I pay to park in the Pavilion parking lot a lot. I have the pavilion parking pass as well, and it’s really awesome, but a lot of people can’t pay $500 for the pass. They need to build another garage that isn’t as expensive as the Pavilion.”

Sophomore Sara Brown believes parking is Oxford’s biggest issue.

“My parents didn’t want to pay the extra money for the Pavilion pass, but once they realized how big of a problem parking is, they were convinced.”

Sophomore Maggie Ross also bought a park-n-ride pass this year and uses the OUT buses to commute to campus.

“Honestly, park-n-ride is pretty nice,” she said. “I don’t love riding the bus, but it’s always on time, and I don’t have to worry about finding a spot on campus like all my friends do. I always hear them complaining about finding spots, so I’m glad I don’t have to worry about it.”

Sophomore Annie Blalock said has also faced parking challenges this semester.

“There’s literally people who go around on golf carts all day to find cars to give tickets to,” she said. “I get it, but at the same time, sometimes you have to park in a spot that you don’t have the pass for. And every time, they will find you and give you tickets. It’s ridiculous.”

UM student Lauren Ferguson said growth has caused parking problems. “Ole Miss is getting so big, and that isn’t helping the parking issue,” she said. “At some point, they’re going to have to cap enrollment so this isn’t a problem.

“I think they need to tear down the Tad Pad and make all of that parking. I think that’s a great idea and could really solve a lot of problems.”

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