Voters express fear and optimism about Trump presidency


Max Lopez

By Katarina Boutsis, Jessie Gregory, Jakiyah Haywood, Sarah Henderson and Will Morrison

yellowteamlogoA new President of the United States means change. While some fear what changes may lie ahead, others are optimistic.

In the third story of a post-election series we asked citizens their biggest fears and hopes about President Donald Trump, his policies and plans. We asked if they were worried about the future of our country, or if they feel confident the USA is in safe hands?

Lauren Bell, a University of Mississippi junior pharmacy major, identifies as a Republican. Bell said she was pleased with the election’s outcome and believes President Trump will have a positive impact on our country.

“I do like that [Trump] is against abortion,” said Bell. “I believe that abortion is murder, and Trump’s stance on the issue played a large role in my decision on who to vote for.”

Trump has indicated that he supports pro-life decisions, and does not support a woman’s right to choose whether or not she has an abortion.


Bell studying

While Bell believes Trump is the best candidate for the job, she does not agree with all of his policies.

“I hope that throughout his reign as President Trump, he can reach out to minorities,” said Bell. “I think that he can be a good president, but he needs good advisors, and he needs to be compassionate towards all types of people.”

Bell said she is excited about the next four years and where they will lead our country.

“All in all, I believe Trump was the right choice for president. He is going to take steps to reform our country, and I think we really need that.”


Matthew Nguyen, a UM sophomore, said he has many fears about our new president and the country itself, but he voted for Trump. He is worried about the future.

“What disappoints me most about this election is that this was my first time to vote, and I did not like either candidate,” he said.

Nguyen said he has higher hopes for President Trump than he would have for Hillary Clinton.

UM student Marveshia Lester, 18, is a Democrat who studies occupational therapy and plans to work in a hospital focusing on mental health.

“Honestly, I think the nation as a whole will become more corrupt than what it already is,” Lester said, regarding the president-elect. “Our ‘new president’ talks about racism, raising taxes, and making lives even worse for us minorities. Not only that, his leadership will drive us into another war that could possibly be the beginning to the end of the world.”

Lester said she is worried about the future, especially for herself and fellow college students. She said she’s concerned about whether or not financial aid will continue to be available to students.

“Which is how most of us are getting are education today,” she said. “I am horrified for what is to come in the next four years, but with God on my side, I know he has a plan.”

Max Lopez, 23, is a UM student studying integrated marketing communications, who said his biggest fear is that the country will be gridlocked for another four or eight years.

“Hopefully, with both the senate and the president under the Republican Party, maybe we will see progress moving forward,” Lopez said. “At least from an economic standpoint, it seems that Donald Trump has enough policies to help get us back on track.

“I believe there are enough checks and balances and good people in place that we are going to be just fine.”








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