While some voters are happy with election results, they remain uncertain about future


Lindsey Forshee

By Claudia Caplinger, D’Jarvis Gates, Alec Keyser-Andre and Alexa Almaguer

greenteamlogoLindsey Forshee, 22, of Tifton, Georgia, is a University of Mississippi student who studies hospitality management. Last night, Forshee, along with millions of other Americans, watched in anticipation as the votes were counted.

The outcome? A win for Donald Trump, and also, what Forshee believes, will be a win for the country. Forshee said she felt “shock and relief” among other things when Trump was announced as the 45th president of the United Stated of America.

In the fourth story of a post-election series, we asked citizens their reaction after learning who the next president-elect was, and how they think the rest of the country feels about the decision.

“I believe Donald Trump is the best choice for the country,” Forshee said. “I respect the ideas he has for our future, and I’m very hopeful as to where this win will take us …The majority of the country has to be happy considering voter turnout.”

Forshee said she was surprised by the outcome of the race, but feels “hopeful for the future of our country.” She plans to get a job in the hospitality industry when she graduates, and said, “If Trump comes through, there should be plenty.”


img_0191Senior biology major Jarmarkus Watson, 21, plans to become a neurosurgeon after college and wants to create more after-school activities in his hometown of Clarksdale. He hoped Clinton would win the presidential election.

“I was shocked,” he said. “I didn’t believe that I was watching this all unfold before my eyes. I had this reaction because I feel he was unqualified and wrong for the position.

“I feel like the majority got what they wanted, and that this country is just as shocked as I am, due to the fact that things didn’t work out as planned. I’m truly surprised and confused.”

Emily Auer, 22, is a Republican who said she was “overjoyed and excited” when she learned Trump was elected President of the United States.

“It’s awesome that last night will go down in the history books,” she said. “… There has been a lot of tears and anger coming out of the other party, but I feel either side would have these feelings depending on who won.”

Auer said she wasn’t surprised by the election results. “Everyone wanted to vote for him, but the media didn’t do that accurate of representing that.”


Education major Ann Olivia, 21, is a UM junior who said she was surprised by the election results. The Oxford native identifies as a member of the Republican Party.

She said her initial reaction was, “Oh no.” She is not a fan of Donald Trump, but believes Hillary Clinton is a “thief.”

“Donald Trump is bad, but Hillary is so much worse,” said Olivia.


Shelby Miller

Shelby Miller, a UM junior pharmacy major who is a Republican, believes no matter who won the election, the country would be divided. She said neither candidate was great and voting was “…choosing between the lesser of two evils.”

Whether Clinton or Trump won, Miller said she would still feels scared about the future. She supported and voted for Trump, and although she was happy he won, she has fears about his presidency, noting his derogatory comments about women.

Miller said Clinton did better with women, however, she does not believe Clinton represents women well either. She thinks it would be great to have a woman as president, “…but just not Clinton,” she said.





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