Video: Oxford Lovepacks pack more than love

Kady Cox

Oxford and Lafayette County have many young children who are going without food, and Oxford Lovepacks, a non-profit organization, is doing their best to change that.

Camie Bianco has worked with Lovepacks since they began in 2010. The organization started in the back of two of the founders cars, and has become a well-established organization, helping several students weekly throughout the community.

Oxford Middle School is where Lovepacks are packed and donations are received. Anyone is welcome to volunteer packing packs, or donating food that will go in them. Many middle school students volunteer to pack Lovepacks that go home with fellow classmates.

Lovepacks looks for items that are easily opened, such as pop-top cans, because they don’t know the circumstances of the households that some kids go home to. Some items they collect include peanut butter jars, canned soup, granola bars, pudding cups, crackers and other non-perishable food items.

Lovepacks started with 22 packs, and they are now packing about 160 packs each week. The children who receive Lovepacks are affected positively. Lovepacks helps keep their bellies full so they can continue to succeed in the classroom.

The non-profit organization is a great representation of the kindness found in Oxford. They say “the possibilities are only limited by our compassion.”

With the love and support of the community, this organization will continue to grow and stop children from being hungry.

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