Video: Dallas native creates personal art work for senior project


Ansley Givahn working on one of her thesis compositions in her studio on the second floor of Meek Hall. Photo by Ally Langston.

Ally Langston

Dallas native Ansley Givahn is a sixth-year student at the University of Mississippi working on her bachelor’s of fine arts degree in painting after deciding at the last minute during her senior year she wanted to be an artist.

Givahn was required to complete three semesters of hours towards her new major. She is confident in her work, but is hesitant to share her art with others because it is so personal and expressive of inner thoughts.

She is preparing for her final thesis show, opening the week after Thanksgiving break in Meek Hall. Her thesis must include 20 pieces to show as a portfolio, and her focus is her relationship and connection with nature. For each composition, she uses multiple water color bases topped with pastels that complement the colors she chooses.

“I hope through my thesis work that it will remind the viewer to look back at nature, and connect with it, and appreciate it, and not just look past it,” she said.

Meek Hall offers studio space for Givahn and students like her on the second floor of the building. It gives her an area other than home to work on her pieces.

She finds it hard to leave the small town life that she has enjoyed in Oxford for six years. However, she knows she needs to move to a bigger city like New York or back to Dallas after graduation at the end of the semester to sell her artwork at higher prices.



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