Video: Ole Miss sophomore creates business selling gold leaf paintings

Sarah Henderson

Looking for new artwork to adorn the walls in your home? Jackson native Mary Kathryn Wheatley can lend a creative hand.

The UM sophomore was exposed to artwork and creativity at an early age. Her mother decorated the walls of her nursery with large murals, and continued to teach Wheatley about art.

In this video, Wheatley explains the love she has for art, and how her artistic talent has grown.

Wheatley and her mother created a large gold leaf painting for her freshman dorm room, and from then on, her paintings have gained popularity through Instagram and Facebook.

Wheatley regularly takes orders from all over the South, and sells her paintings at the Renaissance at Colony Park shopping center in Ridgeland.

While Wheatley enjoys brightening the homes of her customers, her artwork is more of a hobby than a career. She loves creating artwork too much for it to become a job, but she will continue to paint long into the future.

To learn more about Wheatley’s artwork, visit her Instagram page: @mkwheatleyart

And you can read a previous story about Wheatley here by Oxford Stories reporter Meredith Enger: Jackson native shares life lessons learned while creating unique paintings.

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