Ole Miss journalism graduate offers advice to Meek School of Journalism students


Meredith Enger
Oxford Stories

Many students choose journalism as there major because they feel the need to tell a story. Whether students desire to be involved in print media, editorial journalism, magazine service journalism, or public relations, the Meek School of Journalism and New Media at the University of Mississippi strives to help students reach their full potential.

Morgan Burger recently graduated from UM with a degree in broadcast journalism. The San Antonio, Texas native attended Tom C. Clark High school and knew she wanted to work in television from an early age.

“I always had a love for writing,” she said, “and I really love talking to people. I guess I just felt like journalism was my niche, because I was able to be a voice for people’s stories, everyone has one.”

Burger chose Ole Miss because of the Meek School of Journalism and New Media. “I visited and I knew I couldn’t see myself going anywhere else,” she said.


Burger has worked with many different local stations in her hometown of San Antonio. “They are a Top 50 market, so I learned a lot,” she said.

Burger also had an internship in Tupelo one summer with WTVA, which carried over into the fall semester.

“My senior year, I took video of the local high school football teams and sent it over through a system so that they could use it for their evening broadcast,” she said. “Talk about meeting a deadline.”

During her time at Ole Miss, Burger found every class extremely useful. She especially loved her PR and design classes. However, she wishes the student media center was a larger part of the journalism department, and she believes the center will grow as time goes on. “There is so much to be said about hands on experience in our field,” she said.

Burger is now on a journalism journey. “I am learning so much about myself and what I love that I don’t regret it one bit,” she said.

Anna Bess Pavlakovich is a sophomore broadcast journalism major from Denver, Colorado. Attending Ole Miss is a family tradition.

“My mom is from Mississippi,” she said. “Her entire family went there, and it is the absolute perfect fit for me.”

Pavlakovich said she chose broadcast journalism because she has a love for public speaking, truth-seeking, and voicing opinions. She admits to not knowing much about the job market for broadcast journalism. “I imagine it’s competitive,” she said.

Pavlakovich said Meek School of Journalism and New Media professors have made an impact on her education. “Mr. Morgan for Journalism 102 has been great,” she said.

Pavlakovich hopes to find an internship this summer in New York City. After graduation, she hopes to find a career in broadcast journalism in a major U.S. city.


Burger’s advice for journalism students is simple.

“Never miss a deadline,” she said. “I think that deadlines are something that were really enforced in our school in particular, but should be enforced more in other schools. Meeting a deadline is something that is so valuable in so many, if not all, professions out there. It holds you accountable for something and gives you ownership you wouldn’t otherwise have.”

Burger also hopes any one thinking about getting a degree in journalism understands that most jobs are low paying.

“Follow your passion, not the pay check,” she said. “Money is wonderful, and yes it can absolutely buy you things that make you happy, but they’re all things that are just temporary, or things that can be replaced. Your passion can’t be replaced.”



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