Registration will begin soon for UM intramural sports


Intramural sports provide an outlet, fellowship, and a relaxed way to play a variety of sports throughout the year. Some of these sports include flag football, sand volleyball and disc golf.

All intramural events for fall semester have ended, but registration for events in the spring will open soon. Along with any other necessary information, registration can be found here.

In November, the Turner Center held the final round of the intramural basketball tournament. The tournament begins at the end of October every year and runs throughout November.

There were 28 teams that entered the tournament, which consisted of five rounds of three-on-three basketball games. Some teams represented fraternities, some for other clubs, and some just for fun. The overall champions of the tournament won gift cards, T-shirts, and bragging rights.

Joshua Obreon, a sophomore accounting major from St. Louis, Missouri, supervised the tournament.

“My job is basically to watch over the tournament,” he said. “I make sure everything goes smoothly, call fouls, help players with injuries, or anything else like that.”


Obreon has supervised the intramural tournament since his freshman year. He has also competed in it with a team of his own.

“It gives me time away from class,” he said. “Especially during this time of year, it’s nice to have something to get my mind off of finals.”

When basketball isn’t going on, Obreon plays other sports like soccer so he can stay involved as much as possible.

“The whole point of intramural sports is obviously to have fun,” he said. “Everyone still gets pretty competitive, but it’s mostly about having an outlet. Winning the tournaments would just be a bonus.”

Obreon plans to be involved with intramural sports for the next two years, or until he graduates.


Senior Zach Shaw and his roommate sophomore Houston Kimbrough participated in the tournament this year for the first time on a team they named “MS & IL.” The name comes from their home states, Illinois and Mississippi.

“I’ve been playing basketball since I was 5,” Shaw said, “It’s always been an outlet for me.”

Playing basketball after class was a regular activity for Shaw, Kimbrough and their other roommates.

“We’ve been wanting to participate in this tournament for a while, but we missed registration last year,” Shaw said. “This year, we made it a priority. We had a group of people ready for a team in no time.”

Although both Shaw and Kimbrough started the team, the two agreed on Kimbrough being the leader.

“I was kind of designated as coach of our team,” Kimbrough said. “I played for my high school team, so I learned a lot about the technical stuff. I made the lineup, ran drills when we practiced, and made sure everyone was ready.”

Shaw and Kimbrough tried to get the team together at least three times a week before and during the tournament.


Unfortunately for MS & IL, the tournament did not turn out in their favor this year. However, the tournament provided an experience that the team will never forget.

“We made a lot of friends and got an idea of what kind of competition we’re up against,” Kimbrough said. “And we plan to bounce back next year.”

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