Students and fans react to NCAA Ole Miss bowl ban

By Kara Knapik
Oxford Stories

A few days ago, University officials including Ole Miss Chancellor Jeffrey Vitter, Vice Chancellor for Intercollegiate Athletics Director Ross Bjork, and Head Coach Hugh Freeze held a press conference to discuss the NCAA case against the football team.

As a result of recent allegations added to the previous list of 13, Ole Miss has decided to not allow the Rebels to be bowl eligible for the upcoming football season.

Players take on the ban

Many students and fans were upset about the decision, but the Ole Miss football team remains determined to have a great season. Several football players took to Twitter and other social media sites to share enthusiasm with fans.

Wide receiver D.K. Metcalf Tweeted: “Been a rebel since 9th grade, why would I change up? #WeStillHere,” while fellow teammate, A.J. Brown Tweeted, “Y’all can kill all that noise about transferring. I’m riding to the wheels fall off with my brothers. #HYDR.”

Fans reactions to the ban

Although positive words have been shared from fans everywhere, some say they are not surprised by the bowl ban decision and have expressed frustrations.

“I knew it was coming, some type of penalty for us, but I didn’t think it was going to be that extreme,” said Cossar Morgan, an Ole Miss student.

While some fans are trying to come to terms with the decision, others fully accept the ban and are attempting to help others understand why it was the correct action for Ole Miss to take.

Many students have expressed support and encouragement for the coaches and players and say they will continue to be true Rebel fans.

“They’re still my classmates, and they’re still my friends, so I’m going to go support them no matter what kinds of allegations or bans they put on us,” said Ole Miss junior Chauncey Mullins.

With fan support, the Rebels hope to overcome this difficult time and continue as a team so many people love and cheer for each Saturday during football season.

The officials above expressed condolences during the press conference for the decision and the actions that led to it, and they have vowed to keep the Ole Miss family informed.

Ole Miss hopes to prevent further sanctions, but there has been no official word yet about whether other bans and rules could be implemented for the football team.

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