UM student studying communicative disorders creates jewelry



Bunny Doris. Photo by Emma McCabe.

Emma McCabe
Oxford Stories

A University of Mississippi sophomore creates her own custom art and jewelry for friends and family. She is working on prices for some of her art with thoughts of selling it in the near future.

Bunny Doris, an Augusta, Georgia native, is the banner chair for Alpha Delta Pi sorority, and she is involved in the Christian organization Cru. Doris has been creating art since she was 8, and she has always been involved in art clubs or classes.

Her parents supported her love of art, and Doris began to seriously consider art as a career during high school, but she later switched her major to communicative sciences and disorders. She spends her free time painting and sketching, and recently began making her own jewelry.

Doris attended elementary through high school in Augusta. She enjoyed the history of the town and living so close to the river. She also liked having the Masters Golf Tournament there and the fact that her town was famous for something, but she chose to attend Ole Miss because she wanted to move somewhere new.

Doris is pleased with her decision to move to Oxford, and she is currently living in the Alpha Delta Pi sorority house.

Doris also balances art with school and church and spends time with friends and family. She became serious about pursuing art her sophomore year of college and had to figure out how to balance time with everything she has taken on.

Doris is taking 18 hours of classes and is seriously focusing on her studies. This summer, she will be home working with speech pathologists.


Bunny Doris. Photo by Emma McCabe.

“I like how quaint Oxford is with so much Southern tradition,” she said. “Of course, I also love the football here and Double Decker weekend.”

College has helped Doris expand her artwork. Not only is she drawing and painting more than she ever has, she began creating jewelry last Thanksgiving break while home in Augusta.

She then made dozens of necklaces and brought them back to school for her friends to give as gifts. The recipients wanted more, so she made more and prepared them to sell.

“I love seeing our friends wear Bunny’s jewelry,” said Mackenzie Gaines, a close friend. “It’s always very complementary to their outfits and the different designs are so fun.”

Doris makes necklaces and bracelets. Her necklaces range from simple long strands to double-looped beaded pieces. She gets her supplies from specialty stores and enjoys thinking of new combinations of colors and designs for her jewelry. She picks out her own bead colors, shapes, and sizes.

“I always saw these necklaces online that I wanted, and eventually, I started to realize I could make them too,” she said. “I never knew how easy and fun it would be to actually make my own jewelry.”

As the banner chair for Alpha Delta Pi, Doris sketches, paints, and organizes her own personal designs on banners every week to display in front of the sorority house. She designs them for sporting, Greek life, campus, and holiday events. She also heads a committee and directs committee members about how to paint the banners the community will see.


Bunny Doris. Photo by Emma McCabe.

“Bunny is always super involved,” said her friend, Nikki Calderon. “She does sorority work, school, and her art. It’s cool to watch people I know wearing her jewelry. And every time I pass ADPI, I see her banners hanging in front of the house.”

Doris was involved with the process of leading ADPI’s newest pledge class. She was group leader for about 20 girls on their first retreat and helped mentor them and answer any questions they had.

For her position as banner chair, Bunny creates budgets and makes list of all supplies needed. She plans out calendars and events so she knows when to make banners and what for. She heads the committee and organizes the process every time a new event comes up.



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