Visit Oxford leaders are working to rebrand the town


Visit Oxford’s new office building off of the Square. Photo by Kirsten Faulkner.

Kirsten Faulkner
Oxford Stories

Visit Oxford leaders are working to rebrand the town through social media and community partnerships.

Communications and Partnerships Manager Katie Kaiser and her team have been working to create a strong brand image for Oxford.

Ole Miss Athletics has partnered with Visit Oxford to hang banners of athletes with the Visit Oxford logo throughout the Square. Visit Oxford has also teamed with the Oxford Film Festival to sponsor events.

Kaiser and her team have streamlined their social media, they recently created an online calendar featured on the Visit Oxford website, and Visit Oxford leaders speak to local clubs, organizations and University of Mississippi classes about their mission.

“The calendar is a great way for people to see what is coming up in the area,” Kaiser said. By reaching out to local businesses and organizations, they keep the calendar updated.

Elizabeth Pyron, a Visit Oxford intern, helps plan large Oxford events, such as Double Decker and the Oxford Film Festival.

“I talk to vendors and give them a booth assignments,” she said.


Elizabeth Pyron helps people visiting Oxford. Photo by Kirsten Faulkner.

By advertising both online and through print, Visit Oxford reaches many ages. In such a fast-paced city, Kaiser feels it is important to stay current with social media, and she said it’s helped Visit Oxford reach more people.

Marketing and communications intern Brittney McCoy manages many of the social media accounts. “Visit Oxford works to market themselves not only to the visitors of Oxford, but also to market their brand to other states,” she said.

Over the past few years, they have created a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.


Katie Kaiser preparing for a meeting. Photo by Kirsten Faulkner.

In helping rebrand Visit Oxford, interns provide a young perspective to attract the college-age community. McCoy feels she is playing an important role as the social media manager because she has “had to evaluate what will make people want to come visit Oxford.”

With the Double Decker Arts Festival coming up in the spring, Kaiser and her team feel they are well prepared for the event that always draws a large crowd.

“We have many art vendors and musicians lined up for Double Decker, and we hope to have an amazing turnout this year,” she said.

Their website lists many upcoming events and places to visit. There are links to all their social media outlets and an app to help make plans while visiting. The Visit Oxford app enables users to locate places on a map, including well-known sites people always want to explore.


Inside Visit Oxford’s office space of law books from previous building owners. Photo by Kirsten Faulkner.

Visit Oxford also recently moved from a conference center to a previously-owned law building off the Square. “We got away from the convention and meeting side of tourism, and we are now more of a marketing office,” Kaiser said.

The new Visit Oxford building has a history. Built in 1885, it was once the law office of James Stone, Nobel Prize-winning author William Faulkner’s mentor.



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