From the Dorms to Dallas Trunk Shows: UM student creates successful jewelry business


Reagan Smith
Oxford Stories

Dallas native Marielle Mosley, 21, started a successful jewelry line from her University of Mississippi dorm room. The marketing major and an art minor hopes to attend fashion school after graduation and dreams of having her own store featuring her jewelry, accessories, art and home decor designs.

“I started beading because my sister wanted me to sell jewelry in her store, and ever since I started making jewelry, I wanted to pursue this as a potential career,” she said.

Beginning with a $100 budget, Mosley bought beads and leather to create her first jewelry line.

“Freshman year was difficult for my business because I was just starting out,” she said, “and I did not really know how to get the word out about my new company.

“As I learned the ropes about how to begin marketing my company, I started to gain followers, and the online orders came with them … One night, I had 60 orders all of a sudden, and I was rushing to make all the necklaces to get them to the customers as soon as possible.”

Over the last few years, Dupre Designs has grown. Mosley now has her own website and thousands of dollars of profit.

“I get a lot of my business from the South, from Texas to the Carolinas,” she said. “I have gotten orders from many people who have heard about my company through social media or friends.”

Mosely said she cares about her customers and believes you should offer discounts because it gives them a bigger incentive to shop with your company again.

“Over the holiday season, I got notified that I had more than 20 orders lost in the mail,” she said. “I contacted the customers through email and explained that I was getting them another order as quickly as possible, and also gave them a 30 percent off coupon for their next purchase.”


Some of the Dupre Designs Spring Break Collection.

Mosley also believes in giving back to the community. She wants to hold trunk shows with UM sororities and give a percentage of profits to a philanthropy.

“I like to use Dupre Designs and its followers to get the word out about philanthropies and their causes,” she said. “It is also a goal of mine go give back to the community, and doing it through something I love, is so rewarding.”

Mosely said running a business during college is a lot of work, but she enjoys it.

“I love doing it,” she said, “and it has taught me a lot over the years. Being a marketing major, this business has helped me be able to apply the marketing principles I learned in class to real life.”


Dupre Designs pendants for necklaces

When Mosely goes back to her home for summer and winter breaks in Dallas, she attends trunk shows. After going to many, she decided to start participating in them and setting up her own booth. That has helped her attract more business.

“It is always good to get to know different types of clients through going to trunk shows in Dallas,” she said. “Back at Ole Miss, there is a much different audience than ones in Dallas and other cities. Some customers might not like colorful jewelry and others do, so going to trunk shows has increased my following from many different types of customers.”


Art that Marielle Mosley created for her home.

Many of Mosley’s clients are from Oxford, but growth has come from social media and networking through trunk shows.

img_8666Mosley has begun participating in trunk shows at some of the local boutiques on the Square to potentially sell her jewelry in their stores.

She is also an artist. She created most of the art in her home, and wants to add some of it to her website in the future.


Rachel Vitali showing off her necklace.

Customer Rachel Vitali purchased a necklace from Mosely’s website.

“The necklace was extremely good quality, and you could tell that it was made by hand, which made it even more special,” she said. Mosley posts new items on Instagram.


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