Turner Center offers student work experience

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Ann Beavers. Photo by Jessica Duffield

Jessica Duffield
Oxford stories

Many students believe working in college is either impossible or tough, while others say it’s a necessary part of the college experience. May students are employed at the Turner Center. 

The Turner Center allows students to enroll in job opportunities and leadership positions. Sophomore Anna Beavers has been working at the Turner Center since fall of her freshman year. The Georgia native, who majors in criminal justice and Arabic, began working at the Turner Center to become more involved on campus and have something to do after class.

She was interviewed and provided a resume and a cover letter. She also had to become CPR/AED, which stands for cardiopulminary resuscitation and automated external defibrillator.

Beavers works in the office handling sports clubs tournaments. She works with intramural sports and helps run all the programs and activities that happen inside the Turner Center. She also helps train new employees. Training is fast. it’s all done in one week for three hours at night. When an accident or injury occurs at the gym, Beavers makes sure everybody is where they need to be.

Many students’ biggest fear is not being able to balance school with work or not having enough time for both. “I don’t waste time,” she said. “In my free time, I do my homework.”

Beavers works every day, but has different shifts. She has learned a lot from the job. “I have gotten better at public speaking,” she said. “My voice is much louder. My management and leadership skills have increased, and I have learned how to manage time by doing tasks on time. My work ethic is better than ever.”

Beavers also offered tips to students who wish to work at the Turner Center. “At the end of the semester, they have job fairs where they introduce students to the hiring process with workshops and inform students how to write a cover letter and a resume,” she said. “It is very important that they go to this, because many college students have never written a resume or a cover letter, and they show students the proper way of doing it.”

DaJ’ai Ashford, or DJ, also works at the Turner Center. Ashford is a sophomore from Baton Rouge studying forensic chemistry who started working there the first semester of her freshman year. She decided to start working to earn extra money, and she also wanted to meet new people.

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Ashford was also required to write a resume, cover letter and go through two rounds of interviews before getting the job. She is a supervisor for intramural sports, and also works with sports clubs. She is determined to be a personal trainer one day.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetAshford manages her time between school and work. “You do go sleepless some nights, but you just have to push yourself to get more work done during the day,” she said. She said she’s learned time management and better personal skills.

Just like any other job, there are always positives and negatives. “What I dislike about my job is, sometimes I have to work during the night, due to intramural sports,” she said. “However, I do love my job, especially my co-workers. We are a very close department, and we do stuff together all the time. We go bowling, go to movies, or go eat.”

Ashford recommends working at the Turner Center, and she said those interested should take good notes at the workshop, because they are very specific about how they want the resume and cover letter. “Try to be interesting and original in your interview, but don’t lie,” she said.




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