Oxford’s Hinton & Hinton going strong since 1991

Caroline Luckie
Oxford Stories

Hinton & Hinton is an Oxford clothing store that has been the town almost 30 years. Known for their “Southern tradition” and “classic style,” the store opened in 1991.

Located on the Square across from Neilson’s department store, Hinton & Hinton is owned by Forrest Hinton and son, Steve Hinton. It was originally a fine gentleman’s store that specialized in men’s sportswear, footwear and accessories.

The business has grown and now carries a variety of women’s clothing, footwear and outerwear. In the past few years, the store has expanded and dedicated almost half of the new side to women’s wear.

The store carries brands that include Southern Proper, UGG Australia, True Grit, Cole Haan, and Peter Millar. They have  high-end wear and casual items.

Huntsville native Casey Graham has been working at Hinton & Hinton about seven months. She was always a fan of the store before she began working there. “Whenever my parents would come visit, they loved going into Hinton & Hinton,” said Graham.

“The atmosphere is just totally different than anywhere else on the Square, and that makes us special,” Graham said. “I have honestly met some of my best friends through this job. It really is like a family at Hinton & Hinton.”

Casey Graham. Photo by Caroline Luckie.

Graham said her goal is to make every customer feel like family.

“We love helping people, and we do whatever it takes to make the customers feel welcome,” said Graham. “I obviously love the people I work with, but my hard work at Hinton & Hinton really does pay off.”

Employees at Hinton & Hinton work on commission and hourly, and get a discount on store items. “I love my job, but the fact that we make commission makes us all work that extra mile to help the customers,” Graham said.

Callie Genovese, from Brentwood, Tennessee, is a University of Mississippi junior who has been working at Hinton & Hinton for a couple months. Genovese and Graham have become great friends because of this job.

“Casey was being 100 percent honest when she said we’ve made some of our best friends here,” says Genovese, who wanted to work at Hinton & Hinton because her father was a huge fan. “When I hear some of my friends complain about their jobs, it makes me all the more thankful for my job. It’s really taught me a lot about hard work.”

Complaining isn’t a mindset for Hinton & Hinton employees. On their breaks, the boss and managers sometimes take them for lunch or cocktails.

“It really shows how much they care about us, and they see us as friends and not just co-workers,” Graham said.

The store is open every day from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. except Sundays.

hinton 2

The men’s side of the store. Photo taken by Caroline Luckie.


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