Some UM students earn service hours volunteering at Oxford animal shelter

Reagan Smith
Oxford Stories

When Oxford citizens think of the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society, they either are  excited or saddened there are so many animals there without homes. Walking around the University of Mississippi campus, you can see the love students have for animals, whether it is their pet dog or the Grove squirrels.


Oxford Lafayette Humane Society

The Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society is a place where Greek life members receive volunteer credit hours for their respective organization, and students enjoy earning service hours this way.

UM junior Stephanie Smith, project manager of the campus Student Marketing Association, said the association is working with the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society to collect supplies from students for dogs, including collars, food bowls and similar items.


Stephanie Smith- Ole Miss Student

“I am in charge of contacting the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society for the Student Marketing Association,” she said. “We help them organize events, assist in the creation of new marketing ideas to bring awareness of needed adoptions, and some of our members go and volunteer their own time.”

Smith said she wants to help dogs become adopted quickly from the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society, and wishes more people adopted animals, rather than purchased them from pet stores.


Kelly Zeidner- Ole Miss Student

Oxford citizen Kelly Zeidner frequents the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society.

“I love being able to contribute,” she said. “My love for animals makes it hard to leave at times, but I try my best to get the word out about this nonprofit organization.”

Zeiden said the best way to help the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society is to donate or volunteer, because they operate with donations.

“I first heard about this organization through my sorority, and it really stood out to me as something I wanted to contribute to,” Zeidner said.


Mae Miller- Ole Miss Student

UM student Mae Miller recently adopted a cat from the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society. “I think the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society does the best they can for their situation,” she said. “It is the only shelter in the area … that has a huge stray and feral animal overpopulation.”

Miller adopted her cat, Maggie, in the end of September after a random trip to the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society and said: “I was not really looking for a pet at the time, but once I saw Maggie there, I couldn’t leave without her.”

Sorority member and junior student Madi Thomas volunteers at the Humane Society. “Being able to volunteer with animals makes carving out the time that much easier,” she said. “I enjoy being able to help out this organization in any way I can, and also try to get the word out about the animals in need of adoption.”


Madi Thomas- Ole Miss Student

Thomas tries to encourage others to donate to the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society. She has also heard about the Student Marketing Association’s donation efforts. “I think this is a great way to get more students involved with this nonprofit organization and will be beneficial for the dogs in the shelter,” she said.


Hayley Colvard- Ole Miss Student

Hayley Colvard, a UM junior, loves volunteering at the shelter. “My friends and I have been there a couple times,” she said, “and when we volunteered, they would give us things to do, such as unfold newspapers for the floors of the shelter, or we would be able to wash some of the dogs.”

Collard said visiting the cat room is her favorite part of going to the shelter. She volunteers for credit hours for her sorority, but said: “I enjoy going to the shelter, because being a college student, I do not have much money to donate to them. But being able to volunteer still lets me contribute.”

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