Some students wish Memphis International Airport wasn’t so far away

Emily Wilson
Oxford Stories

Oxford has maintained its charm and unique small town feel, but some University of Mississippi students miss the amenities you find in larger cities, like the convenience of a large airport.


Dallas native Olivia Watson disapproves of the commute to the Memphis International Airport.

“It seems inconvenient and makes the travel costs double if you aren’t lucky enough to have a friend traveling at the same time as you to, either hitch a ride from, or split the cost of a cab or Uber,” Watson said.

The average cost of an Uber ride from the Ole Miss campus to Memphis, Tennessee is around $125.

unnamedAtlanta native Sophie Alexander shared a similar opinion about the inconvenience of the far away airport.

“The airport, being all the way in Memphis, makes people accidentally lose track of how much time they have to get to their flight from Oxford,” she said. “I missed a flight home for Christmas break because of the amount of traffic around the airport in Memphis, and my family was far from happy about it.”


Meridian native Gaby Orr doesn’t mind the drive to Memphis. “Based on my situation, it doesn’t really bother me having the airport far out, since I only live an hour and a half away driving distance,” she said. “I think having an airport here would attract more visitors, which is the last thing that Oxford can handle. If we put an airport here, the amount of football travelers would double, and Oxford would surely lose the small town feel that it has always had and that attracts students to Ole Miss.”

unnamed-1Dallas native Bobby Buell also wishes the main airport was closer. “I brought my car to school, so the transportation is not necessarily an issue besides it being expensive,” he said. “I have to pay for my own gas and the cost of parking at the airport, which for one weekend, adds up to around $40.”

Buell would like to see Oxford add a large airport. “It would certainly be more convenient for out-of-state students to get home more often, but I could also see it creating major problems for the city of Oxford, especially during football season.”

Memphis native Joe Fimian isn’t bothered by the drive to his home city. “It would be nice for students other than myself to make use of an airport here,” he said, but the drive really is not too bad. I make it almost every two weeks and have mastered getting home in around 45 minutes.”

Ole Miss has many students who live in small towns in Mississippi and Tennesse. They tend to think they would not be affected by the airport, but their game day experiences would.

IMG_6333 Lauren Allan, of Pasadena, California, said the Memphis airport location is inconvenient for her.

“Being all the way from California and being far from home, it takes me around 10 hours round trip to be able to get home,” she said. “It really is not worth it for me to go all the way home only for a weekend, but if there was an airport in Oxford with a direct flight to LAX, I would cut down my travel time for about three hours, which would be favorable.”



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