Video: Riverside Voodoo still making music although some members live in different cities

Patrick Fawcett
Oxford Stories

A second year University of Mississippi law student still finds time to play music with his band Riverside Voodoo, even though the band no longer plays professionally.

Watson Horner, 26, a Cleveland, Tennessee native, was introduced to guitar by his cousin and fellow band member, Jake Horner.

“I started playing in the seventh grade,” said Horner. “My cousin Jake convinced me to get a bass because he had just gotten a guitar.”

The cousins are still playing. Riverside Voodoo is well known around Oxford. The band was founded in 2011 in Oxford. It includes Watson on bass, his cousin Jake as lead guitarist, Jonathon Peter on drums, and lead singer Mac Jones on piano.

It is not easy to get the band together to play shows still, but they sometimes do. “Being in law school does not make it easy for me to find time to play,” said Horner. “With us living from Nashville to New Orleans, it’s hard for us to find time to get together, but also gives us reasons to play in other areas.”


Watson Horner. Photo by Patrick Fawcett.

Horner says it’s a ‘blessing’ that he and his cousin are working together. They have been close all of their lives, and music has brought them closer. They want to play together as long as possible.

Horner said his favorite song is “Start the Funk.” He wrote it two years ago in his kitchen. “Me and Jake were messing around with it for awhile,” he said. The song took them 20 minutes to write, and it was produced two days later.

William Burns, a longtime fan of Riverside Voodoo, said it’s cool to see the band work together again. “The bond these guys have is what makes them so good,” he said. “They work together better than a lot of other bands I have seen.”

The band has shows lined up for April. “We got some more songs we are thinking about recording,” Horner said. “We just came out with four new ones in February.”

Last year, Riverside Voodoo took the stage during Oxford’s Double Decker Festival. Horner said they’ll make appearances at local restaurants and bars during Double Decker this year. They also have upcoming shows in Jackson and Nashville this spring.


Pictured Watson Horner and his dog, Larry. Photo by Patrick Fawcett.


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