Video: Oxford workout studio hopes to offer clients more than just physical results

Peyton Sams
Oxford Stories

Oxford’s PureRyde Cycling and Pilates, at 319 N. Lamar Blvd #102, promotes the idea that you’ll get the beach body you’ve been waiting for, self confidence and a second family if you exercise there.

The popular workout facility that opened four years ago was created to encourage clients to experience a healthy and successful fitness and lifestyle journey. The facility offers two styles of workouts geared to complement one another – indoor cycling and pilates.

In cycling classes, clients are guided to hop on a stationary bike that moves around three different planes to engage their body in a high-energy 50-minute cardio workout.

PureRyde is one of the only cycling studios in the nation that has bikes that move from side to side, giving riders a full-body dynamic workout.

“I love everything about being able to be a part of the PureRyde family,” said PureRyde cycling instructor Andi Terry. “The positive energy from co-instructors and progress seen by our clients is what motivates me to want to be the best fitness instructor I can be.”

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Cycling instructor Andi Terry after finishing one of her spin classes. Photo by Peyton Sams.

Clients can also sign up for 50-minute pilates classes. Instructors demonstrate smaller movements with spring boards, weights, resistance bands and medicine balls to shape, stretch, tone and lengthen muscles.

“PureRyde is the reason I decided to get in shape … and the reason I continue to be so motivated,” said client Mackenzie Haskins. “Both cycling and pilates have had tremendous effects on my body … and it makes me leave feeling confident about myself.

“I love the fact that all my friends go. It’s great to be able to have a group of people I’m close with share a love for fitness and bettering ourselves.”

Although PureRyde helps clients get in shape, the company website said the business wants to help clients improve their life through fitness.

“It is about pushing yourself to places you thought you couldn’t reach,” the website reads. “It’s about the tests you face along the way, the people that help you get there, and the feeling you get knowing you gave it all.”

Director of Marketing and cycling instructor Allison Thomas said it’s “a community within a community.” “I think that’s why our clients keep coming back,” she said. “They feel like they’re not just another client … We are kind of a family…That’s why our instructors and front desk are so happy working here and why we continue to see new clients come through the door. It’s because everybody feels like a somebody at this studio. It’s something you get to gain alongside the physical results.”


Director of Marketing and cycling/pilates instructor Allison Thomas practicing some of her pilates moves before teaching her class. Photo by Peyton Sams.

Manager Tess Groner said it’s great to be part of someone’s fitness journey. “We truly care about the goals and needs of our clients,” she said, “and I believe that connection we have in and out of the studio is what makes us so successful.”

For more information about PureRyde, visit pureryde.com online or visit the studio.



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