Video: Former Ole Miss Rebelette teaches Grenada students dance

Catherin Kaufman
Oxford Stories

A former Ole Miss Rebelette is following her dream of becoming a dance instructor after spending years in a studio. Never abandoning her passion for dance, sophomore Hannah Colvin travels to Grenada every week to teach students dance.

Colvin started dancing at 2 and continued throughout high school and college. She competed with a dance team from Cydni’s School of Dance throughout high school and became part of the Ole Miss Rebelette Dance Team in college. The team has helped Colvin grow as a person inside and outside of the studio.

Hannah- children

Hannah Colvin teaching younger students basic ballet at the Grenada School of Preforming Arts. Photo by Catherin Kaufman.

“It’s really rewarding being able to teach younger kids what you know and seeing them grow and improve,” Colvin said.

Every Monday, Colvin teaches at the Grenada School of Preforming Arts in Grenada. She introduces dance basics to younger children and educates them about dance terms. Older students are expected to have a background in dance and keep up in advanced classes.

“Sometimes it’s harder to work with the younger toddlers,” she said. “All they want to do is play games and run around. It definitely helps me grow to become a better instructor, forcing me to have patience and develop different teaching techniques.”

Hannah- middle age

Working with preteen students, Colvin teaches and develops a more advanced style of dance. Photo Catherin Kaufman.

Colvin said her favorite dance style is contemporary or hip hop. “I love when I get to work with my students in my older classes, because I’m able to develop their talent and knowledge of more advanced styles of dance,” she said.

Growing up, Colvin admired many of the older girls in her dance studio, although one stood out. Marisa Young worked with Colvin as her choreographer and dance instructor for 15 years.

“I’ve been working with Hannah ever since she was 3 years old, and have taught her everything from ballet to life lessons,” Young said, adding that she’s gotten to know Colvin as a person and a dancer. “I love being able to leave an imprint on my students. One day, Hannah told me she wanted to be what I was to her for other girls, and that’s when I knew I was making a difference.”

Hannah- older

Colvin in the studio working hard, teaching a new hip hop number to older students. Photo by Catherin Kaufman.

Colvin has always dreamed of becoming a dance instructor, and she wanted to make a difference in the lives of young girls and inspire them. From developing dance skills inside the studio during hours of practice, to life lessons, including teamwork, patience, discipline, and leadership, Colvin knows she has made an extraordinary impact on all her students.





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