Column: I’ve made many memories at Ole Miss


Patrick Fawcett
Oxford Stories

They joke that Ole Miss is the best five or six years of your life, and I would have to say that is definitely true. My Dad went to school here, so I fell in love with this place before I enrolled. I had a good understanding of what it was going to be like, and it has been all that.

In about five short weeks, I will graduate. That is bittersweet. Part of me never wants to leave this place. I want to live like this for another five years. But the other half is ready to finish school and enter the real world.

The Ole Miss experience has been great, and I would not change it for anything. It all started when I decided to do JumpStart here before freshmen year really started. JumpStart is is an opportunity for incoming UM freshmen to come to the Ole Miss campus early, begin earning college credit and familiarizing themselves with the university. From there, I knew this would be home for the next few years.

My freshmen year was everything I thought it was going to be. Living in Stockard dorm was an experience. That is where I met many people I would not have met otherwise. And pledging a fraternity during my first semester here was also a great idea.

Freshmen year is arguably the best year here. Graduating high school and coming somewhere like this is incredible. I would do anything to start over, and I wouldn’t change many things I’ve done at all.

Sophomore year was pretty incredible too. The decision to live in the fraternity house was one I will never forget. Moving from the dorms to a fraternity house was quite the change. The first semester is great, but by the time spring break rolls around, you can’t wait to get out of that place.

Those two years are probably the reason why I am still here. Grades were not a priority of mine back then. I later started to grow up.

Academics have never been my strong suit, and I was not on the Dean’s List after those two years. Since then, I have been here every summer working on my grades.

Most people go home in the summertime. I have only taken one summer off since I’ve been here. And I am really going to miss not being here this summer.

The following three years have been just as fun, but being an upperclassman and turning 21 makes you grow up a little. Each year, I grow a little more, learning the importance of school.

Once you finally move off campus and get your own house, it’s a lot different. You finally have your own house, and no one can mess with you. When you go to college as a freshmen, you feel free, but getting your own house is a great feeling.

Turning 21 makes everything better too. You don’t have to worry as much as you did, and it makes the bars a lot better, not having to worry about the police, like a lot of people do.

The bars in town are going to be something I miss too. That is where a lot of my fun has happened. Oxford’s bar scene is one of the better ones in the SEC in my opinion.

Being such a small town, there is not that much going on in Oxford. The Grove and baseball games have been some of the most exciting times in my college career.

I have been blessed to go to a school that has some of the best football and baseball experiences in the country. Those are going to be two things I really miss about Ole Miss.

Of course, the people I have met here have made a big impact on my time here. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. I have been living in the same town as my friends for five years, and now we are all about to move to different parts of the country. That is the weirdest part about leaving.

The past two years, I have seen a lot of my friends leave, and I’ve watched my circle of friends get smaller. It will be a strange feeling walking across that stage in May, but I cant wait to do it.

I am forever grateful that I will get to call myself a college graduate, especially one from the University of Mississippi. These have definitely been the best five years of my life, and I will never forget the memories I’ve made.

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