Video: Out of state and out of money at UM

Christian Johnson
Oxford Stories

Birmingham native Sophia Gardner, 18, is a University of Mississippi freshman and graphic design major. She came to the university originally as a pre-pharmacy major and has changed majors three times. She currently works at the front desk for her dorm.


“I came here because both my parents and grandparents went here,” she said. “Plus, originally I thought they had a great pharmacy program, then I realized I don’t like biology nearly as much as I thought.”

UM’s out-of-state tuition is $20,674, while in-state is only $7,444. This makes it difficult for students like Gardener to afford to go to a university like UM, even though she has several smaller scholarships that help with books, housing, and other freshmen college expenses.

Many college students today face financial challenges. The price of attending college has skyrocketed in recent years. Gardner is just one of many students across the country stricken with student loans and other financial hardships.



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