Video: Incoming freshmen shouldn’t worry about college life

Angelica Pecha
Oxford Stories

Incoming freshman spend their summer preparing for college, which normally involves learning how to do your own laundry, the importance of microwavable food, and how to make it on your own.

College is often referred to as “the best time in your life,” but no one ever talks about the most uncomfortable moment of college –  your first day. When the first day of college comes, there are infinite worries.

As the 2016-2017 school year ends, those once worried freshmen will soon become sophomores. After almost an entire year of college, freshman feel like they are finally in the swing of things, and college isn’t so bad after all.

Aside from adjusting to independence and self care, Haley Halliday, a New Jersey native and University of Mississippi freshmen, recommends to “always put yourself out there…and experience new adventures and new people.”


Photo by Angelica Pecha. Freshman, Haley Halliday, studying in bed in her humble abode in Crosby Hall.

Breaking out of your shell can be tough at first when you are thrown into a new world, but it’s an exciting opportunity.

Bray Etter, a California native and UM freshman, does not have “any regrets” regarding his freshman year, but why would he when he says the best part of college is, “new freedom, all the new friends I have met…and the opportunity to get a real job.”


Photo by Angelica Pecha. Freshman Bray Etter, warns incoming freshmen to work ahead and avoid procrastination.

To those nervous kids preparing to leave their homes, and more importantly, home-cooked meals, here is some advice from UM freshman to ease your nerves. College won’t be so bad after all.


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