Video: UM ‘sorority girl’ is a member of Army ROTC

Betsy Veazey
Oxford Stories

College sorority members often face judgemental and harsh stereotypes. They are often seen as dumb, blonde, ditzy girls who pay for their friends and don’t do anything important while seeking a Mrs. degree.

Virginia native and Navy daughter, Emily Olsen, is a freshman University of Mississippi student who is breaking those stereotypes, proving there’s more to sorority girls than most people think.

Not only is she attending college on an Army ROTC scholarship, she is also an active member of Alpha Phi International Women’s Fraternity.

Olsen claims she came to Ole Miss to grow and become more independent. She has wanted to be in the military since she was 5, but kept the idea to herself.

After receiving an ROTC scholarship to Ole Miss and visiting the campus, Olsen decided to come to UM and accept the scholarship.

She decided join a sorority because she had seen her father’s bond with his fraternity brothers. “My dad was in a frat,” she said. “All of his pledge brothers live in the same neighborhood, even now. They are still all best friends and call each other by their nicknames.”

Olsen said she’s changed a lot since high school. “In high school, everyone knew (that she was going to join a sorority), I was so preppy. I was like something you’d see in a movie.

“For ROTC, I had to move in early and go through new cadet orientation. (From that) up until rush, I realized I’ve changed a little bit, and I’m not ‘that’ sorority girl, in a good way. I had a new perspective on things.”

Olsen is now competing to get active duty. “I’m the type of person who believes that whatever happens is supposed to happen. If I don’t get active duty and have to be in the Guard, everything will work out how it’s supposed to.”

Olsen balances her life by reminding herself to begin with the end in mind. “I remind myself why I’m doing this … and (know) if I do this now, I can sleep later.”

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