Video: Student Marketing Association helps students gain real world experience

Reagan Smith
Oxford Stories

The University of Mississippi Student Marketing Association is an on-campus, student marketing firm that offers free services. The organization helps students in any major involving marketing gain hands-on marketing experience for the real world.

Junior UM student Stephanie Smith is an SMA project manager. “I oversee all the projects we do, from organizing to executing,” Smith said.


Junior Ole Miss student Stephanie Smith.

The SMA has teamed with the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society to help provide supplies for the shelter donated by UM students.

“What we are doing is putting boxes around the University of Mississippi campus,” Smith said. “There is a flyer above it that explains what it is for, and we are doing a supplies drive, because the Humane Society doesn’t have any help getting any sort of supplies other than funding it themselves, so we thought it was a great way to give back to them.”


Stephanie Smith hard at work.

Smith said supplies needed range from dog and cat food, to old towels and paper.

“If they do not want to donate goods, they can just donate through a link and give money to help them,” she said.

The SMA meets every other Tuesday in Holman on campus.

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