Video: A look at Oxford’s Square

Ashley Muller
Oxford Stories

Overwhelming class loads oftentimes can lead to stress. After hours of schoolwork and classes, students at the University of Mississippi head to the Square.

The heart of Oxford is filled with classically-styled buildings ranging from a frozen yogurt shop to rambunctious bars. The Square also features health and wellness businesses. An example is Hotworx, a new studio in downtown Oxford highly regarded for its’ “hot yoga” group lessons. And you can find restaurants, such as South Depot, Soulshine Pizza, and Proud Larry’s with a welcoming atmosphere.


Natalie Nielsen, freshman, enjoying a walk to the Square after a long morning of classes.

FullSizeRender (4)

Viewpoint one would see of The Square from the perspective of a daytime visitor.

UM freshmen Andrew Cox enjoys spending time there. 

 “The worst night of my life is just a quarter mile away from becoming the best night of my life,” he said. I can go from finishing up an essay or finishing up a homework assignment to having a great time with all my friends, getting a great meal, or going to the bars and dancing it all away. I really have a lavish time.”

The Square is a great opportunity “just walking distance from campus” to “just give yourself a mental break,” UM student, Natalie Nielsen said.

Over time, Oxford has become a picturesque college town, and a family-friendly getaway.

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