The Rebel Heart: Love advice by Elliot Sudduth

By Elliot Sudduth
Oxford Stories

Although I am only 18, I have gone through my fair share of relationships and all the drama, stress, and heartbreak that comes with them. So when my friend Jane began coming to me for relationship advice, I felt as if my true calling for helping women identify what they are doing wrong or right in a relationship had been fulfilled.

Like many women, Jane did not understand why a “relationship” with her love interest had come an abrupt stop, so she came to me for help, and this was the basis of our conversation: “Well, everything was a good I thought, but now he won’t text back,” Jane said, wiping away tears.

Of course, I knew exactly what had gone wrong. Jane had told me two days prior that she asked her love interest the tragically curious and almost always fatal question: “What are we?”

This is simply something women cannot do if they want total control in the relationship. Guys live for the chase, so when a woman brings up the idea of a relationship, regardless if the man wants it or not, he is now aware that the chase is over, and he now has nothing to obtain his interest.

Much like Keat’s poem Ode to a Grecian Urn, men are obsessed with idea of winning, but not the actual victory itself. Women must play hard to get while simultaneously occupying their interests with mysterious one-liners and unanswered texts.

Because, psychologically, guys tend to rely totally on the destruction, or domination of their ego, women must damage their ego just enough for the man to become unsure of himself long enough to come to terms with how he really feels genuinely – not how he will come off to others guys, or most importantly to himself.

Yes, it is a bit of a cat-and-mouse game. Guys want what they cannot have until they need what they cannot have, resulting in them melting into the female’s hand.

I am excited to let you know that Jane’s love interest is back and begging for her undivided attention.

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