The Hotworx Experience

First Hotworx Workout in the Books

Hotworx is new gym in Oxford, MS that opened in March 2017. This gym is the first stand alone one of it’s kind. Here exercise classes are taught by virtual instructors on TV screens, and conducted in individual saunas where the temperature remains around 120-130 degrees. The gym is open 24 hours and offers a variety of workout class options that vary in length and difficulty. Each sauna can hold up to a maximum of 3 people at one time, with the exception of rowing, which can only hold up to 2 people at once. Aside from saunas there is a back half of the gym dedicated to weights and other apparatuses to work on strength. This part of the gym is not heated and can be used by any member without booking slots. Reserving your time and workout class is made easy through the Hotworx app, but you can also call and book your appointments over the phone. Already experiencing much success in its first few months, the Hotworx industry is taking off. There are currently over 60 new Hotworx gyms in production throughout various parts of the country. Before deciding to join Hotworx, you can take a tour of the facility as well as try out some of the workout classes.



Lacey Ferguson, 24, speaking with Jeremy Harwell, 36, general manager of Hotworx, about class options as she prepares to try Hotworx for her very first time. 

Lacey iso.JPG

Lacey decides to try out the Isometric class at 3:45, which will last 40 mins and require her to hold certain positions for up to 2 and a half minutes each. There are 14 various postures and positions during this workout segment. 



After finishing her Isometric class, or ISO as they call it at Hotworx, Lacey lifts some weights. Here she continues to workout but at a cooler and less difficult rate to rest before her next class. 


For her final class Lacey decides to try cycling, because she’s adamant that every workout she does must include some cardio. This class last only 15 minutes because it is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) exercise.

Glenna and lacey.JPG

After completing her workouts Lacey runs into long time friend, Glenna Lusk, 25, and the two discuss their favorite things about Hotworx and why it’s a good decision to become a member.


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