UM management major will soon be in the business of boating


Chip Cossar
Oxford Stories

While many people attach different words and meanings to states and cities, one UM student who has lived many places, but eventually found his way back to Mississippi where his parents grew up, describes Oxford as “poised.”

“It is a very urbane place,” Ethaniel Ryan Davis said. “Everyone knows everyone, and everyone – for the most part – enjoys each other as well.

“You go up North, and you can’t even tell a woman, ‘Yes ma’am’ when she asks you a question because she thinks you are calling her old, when really, you are just being polite.”

Davis was born in Chicago, but moved to Plano, Texas when he was 5. During high school, his family moved to Destin, Florida.

As the oldest of five children and a twin, who is three minutes older than his brother, Davis is a University of Mississippi senior who plans to graduate in December with a degree in management.

Davis said his family didn’t enjoy living in Chicago or the northern atmosphere, but when they moved to Texas, things began to click again. His father founded a computer company that immediately took off, and everything felt right again for the Davis family.

Both of his parents were originally from Mississippi, and Davis has always been fond of the state. He grew up wanting to become an Ole Miss Rebel and hearing stories about Oxford as a kid. When he finally visited, he described Oxford as a fairy tale.

Davis said there aren’t many things better than tailgating in the Grove, or running out onto a football field with Katy Perry after beating Alabama.

After graduation, Davis will be working for a boating company in Destin. He’ll be watching over and taking care of yachts, while managing part of the company, one of the biggest businesses in Florida that is set to expand this year.

“That is, if the hurricanes don’t get to it before I do,” Davis said.

This will be the first time he has spent time away from his twin brother, who plans to graduate from UM in May.

“If you’re going to soar with the eagles, you have to learn to fly with the hawks,” he said.

His twin brother, Zack Davis, said he’s excited to see his brother move on to greater things.

“It’s time for him to get out of here, and maybe now, I’ll have time to shine,” Zack said. “I’ll admit that I’ll miss him, but it will be interesting to be apart for this long, and then come back to have stories to tell each other. I mean, after all, everyone has a story to tell, especially when you’re in Oxford.”

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