A professional on and off the Field

Doctor Ed Field

A moment that perfectly captures Dr. Ed Field’s outlook on life. Photo by Katherine Johnson.

Katherine Johnson
Oxford Stories

In many aspects of Dr. Ed Field’s life, he has stayed put. He holds firm to his home state of Mississippi. He pushed through an additional 10 years of education after college graduation, and he maintains tradition in the family occupation.

Field hails from Centreville, Mississippi, but now lives in Oxford. He has been described as a man who is consistent, habitual and individual.

Field works for University Sports Medicine, doubling as an orthopedic surgeon and a sideline doctor for local rivals – Oxford and Lafayette High Schools. This passion has lead to a 25 year (and counting) career.

Field’s daughter Elizabeth Field notes that, “He is an orthopedic surgeon, yes, but his personality allows his position to extend way beyond that title.”

Field originally migrated from southern Mississippi to Tulane University, where he finished his undergraduate degree. He later attended medical school, completing four years of basic medical teachings, followed by five years of specified orthopedic training, and topped with one year of a sports medicine fellowship in Vail, Colorado.

His next life transition came when the director of sports medicine at Ole Miss gave Field a call about an open position. Field accepted, settled in Oxford and began calling it home.

Helmets sit in Dr. Field’s office to showcase the teams he cares for. Photo by Katherine Johnson.

Since that move, Field has adopted the quaint town as part of his heart. He met his wife, Julie, here. She was a physical therapy assistant in the office below his. Patients came upstairs to see Field for consultations. After he operated, they were in Julie’s hands as they rehabilitated.

An 11-year age gap separates the two, but Field jokes about such a detail saying, “As all of my friends were getting married and having kids, I was still in school,” he said. “I was about 15 years behind everyone.” Three years after convincing Julie to go on a date with him, he proposed to her on Christmas Eve.

As much as Field adores his job, his excitement was unmatched when he talked about his wife. His grin grew a tad more, and he rambled about her in the most loving way possible.

This genuine admiration was mirrored as he spoke about his daughters, Elizabeth Field and Catherine Field. Elizabeth reflected on her father, detailing that “he was always there. His work would somehow never keep him from us. He was at every swim meet, even though swimming didn’t need a team doctor, and he was loud.”

Field has built something special in this place that has translated to his family and those around him.

Field’s work days are never consistent. Some are mainly spent in the clinic, while others are spent in surgery. Regardless of his schedule, the Oxford Chargers and Lafayette Commodores know exactly where to find him come Friday night.

The sidelines of football fields are no new sight for the doctor. He worked as the team doctor for Ole Miss Football for 20 years, sticking with this first job out of college. Elizabeth Field traces some of her earliest memories to being “a poster child… on the side of the field in an Ole Miss cheer uniform with a big red bow in my hair.”

Family photos cover the walls of Field’s office with this one captivating his love for his daughters. Photo by Katherine Johnson.


Dr. Field loves football; there is no way to formulate a statement to wholly encompass his obsession with the sport. He has crafted a way to project this passion onto his patients. He adopts humor into his daily interactions with clients, to foster feelings of comfort and security.

While the most difficult part of his job is the lack of room for error, the highlights come from “treating an athlete who has been hurt, getting them back to their sport, and watching them achieve well,” and also giving a more aged individual “a sense of their life back, and getting a hug from them because of it.”

Field’s family interjected, acknowledging how a majority of the latter often bring  goodies. Elizabeth and Catherine Field noted this as their favorite part of their dad’s job.

Field has stayed put in this small college town, building a family and continuing to invest in the community around him. He is here ‘for the long haul,’ persistently pouring into the Oxford district.

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