Softball record-breaker leads the Ole Miss Rebels Softball Team to victory

Daniel Rowland
Oxford Stories

Coaching is sometimes a dictatorship, but to an Ole Miss softball coach, it’s about teamwork.

“It’s not so much a dictatorship; it’s a collaboration” said Taryne Mowatt, a two time Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly, or ESPY, award winner and All American athlete. Mowatt is was a softball record-breaker in the Presidents’ Athletic Conference 12 and at her alumni, the University of Arizona.

Mowatt brings experience and expertise as the assistant coach/ pitching coach for the Ole Miss Rebels Softball Team. The pitcher from California made a name for herself at the University of Arizona before shaping the University of Mississippi program.

Mowatt joined the Rebels in 2015 and lead a season high of 41 wins. This meant the Rebel team qualified for the program’s first regional appearance.

Her day begins at 8:30 a.m. with team meetings that range from academic to softball staff meetings to discuss practice plans for the week. They also hold athletic department meetings to discuss campus events.

“We usually meet as a softball staff to go over the practice plans for the day,” Mowatt said, “to talk about recruits and anything that might be happening with the team.”

Recruiting is a big part of the job and important to team success. Recruits are usually four years away from college, but coaches are still pursuing their commitment, so meetings are crucial to stay updated with recruiting game plans.

“I want to know about their lives, because I genuinely care for them as human beings,” she said.

After worrying about future athletes, Mowatt attends daily practice and connects with pitchers. Players spend one-on-one time with the coach, and she critiques pitches.

“They can learn who they are as a pitcher and make adjustments quicker during a game,” Mowatt said.


Pitchers are later put into game-style defensive situations to test reaction times. This exercise is also critiqued by the veteran pitcher, who guides them with better approaches.

After a strenuous day of meetings and coaching responsibilities, practice ends around 5 p.m. and Mowatt returns to the office to jumpstart her next day.

“I go to the office to gather my thoughts and grab my laptop and paperwork to complete anything that needs to be done,” she said.

Mowatt spends 10-12 hours a day to make the Rebel softball team successful.

“She brings a championship resume,” said Head Coach Mike Smith. “She knows what it takes to be successful at the elite level (with the) records that she has broke and ESPYs that she has won.”

Smith said Mowatt is also a compassionate coach. “I think she has great connections with her players,” he said.

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