Red Door Market set for Sunday, Nov. 12, in Hernando

Meagan Mobley
Oxford Stories

Whether it’s a painting hanging in your living room or a picture printed on the clothes you are wearing, art is everywhere. But many talented artists don’t know how to promote their work.

The DeSoto Arts Council is a nonprofit organization that helps artists get their work noticed, giving them a chance to shine. Leaders organize local art events, camps, shows and festivals.

One of those events is the Red Door Market set for Sunday, Nov. 12, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. This huge Hernando holiday event benefits local artists, giving creatives a chance to promote their work. It will be held during the Hernando citywide holiday open house at One Memphis Street across from the Arts Council building.

“We will have the gift shop open as well and give people a chance to stop by and see us,” said Margaret Yates, executive director of the DeSoto Arts Council.

Shoppers can purchase unique handmade goods and decor while enjoying the holiday season. Tents will be erected outside with food and beverages.

An “Open the Red Door” reception will be held Saturday, Nov. 11, at 6:30 p.m. General admission is $20.

Yates works hard to make aspiring artists’ dreams become a reality. She has been with the Desoto Arts Council since 1999.

“There is a lot of planning and organization involved,” she said. From art walks and kids’ camps, to nonprofit charity events, the Desoto Arts Council stays very busy.

“We have a great group of volunteers and a very active board that helps with everything,” she said. The whole board works together to keep the arts alive in the community.

The Desoto Arts Council is located in Hernando just off the square. They have a gift shop that is full of buyable art, such as paintings, jewelry, pottery and apparel. Inside is a mini exhibit filled with upcoming artists’ work.

“We have a new display of art up, but it isn’t for sale,” said Gail Bartlett, a gift shop volunteer. “These are up for contest.”


Yates said the Desoto Arts Council has helped young artists find a voice in the community.

“We try to do as much as we can for our youth and our children because that’s where the future is,” Yates said. “I believe that artists are problem solvers, and I think it benefits the whole country for people to nurture that innate desire we have to create.”

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