UM nursing student starts mural art project


Nickalus Jones
Oxford Stories

Thanks to the initiative of one Ole Miss student, the Residential College South courtyard at the University of Mississippi is becoming a little more colorful.

Kathryn Stanley, 18, is a University of Mississippi nursing major from Fulton. The Itawamba Agricultural High School graduate now lives in the Residential College South.

Stanley got tired of walking through the boring courtyard area of her building and decided to liven it up with a mural project. Many students who lived there said the building colors were “weird” and “just didn’t match.” Stanley said it was “bland” and “needed an extra touch.”

She thought of many ways to add color to courtyard and decided mural boards were the best option. “I decided to use the boards, because that way, everybody will have the chance to create multiple pieces of art,” she said. 

A residential college student committee met with Stanley about her idea and agreed to let her proceed. The committee purchased enough equipment to build eight display boards.

Stanley, along with Donald Lorbecke, a community assistant, took one day to put the murals together. Now, the Residential College South courtyard has eight mural boards that are painted white, but will feature art.

“There are currently eight people registered to display their art,” said Stanley, who has a strong background in art. “This project will be at the RC for years, as long as people continue to participate.”


Stanley and the RC South Cabinet are hoping to display the first student mural in November. Many students who live in the RC South are excited about seeing beautiful student artwork displayed in the courtyard.

“The colors on the building are very depressing sometimes, and I would much rather look at beautiful paintings on murals while walking to my room,” said Amirah Lockhart, a student who lives in the building.

Since she has been living here, Lockhart said she has been thinking of ways to make the building look better. “I’m actually happy that someone stepped up to the plate to do something,” said Lockhart, who plans to display her own artwork.

Eric Sims is also enthusiastic about the project. “I can really see students getting involved and actually participating in this,” Sims said.

Student Tyus Hooks agrees. “The artwork is really going to add flavor and bring our courtyard to life. Art is a statement of life. It has so many meanings.”


If you would like to have your work displayed, you can email Stanley at Students aren’t required to have an artistic background, but basic painting skills are encouraged.

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