Amy Head Cosmetics company releases new fall products

Fall line displayed on center self at Amy Head in Oxford. Photo by Sarah Kane

Sarah Kane
Oxford Stories

Amy Head Cosmetics is still coloring Mississippi and beyond. The company has a few new products for fall, including two new eye shadow pallets.

While Nude Essentials gives you a natural eye shadow look, the Date Night pallet is more glam. Five eye shadow singles that range from light fall colors to dark are also new.

The store is offering three new lipsticks, including a classic berry/plum color that is popular, matte pink, and the fall color Jubilee Matte, a warm gold. Head is now working on the Spring 2018 product line.

Amy Head hired Claire Wright as the store manager the summer of 2010 before the studio opened in Oxford. Wright had prior makeup and fashion industry experience. Head trains each makeup artist.


Manager Claire Wright. Photo by Sarah Kane.

“The bottom line mission that is Amy Head is to make every person that wears Amy Head confident in what is beautiful about them,” said Wright “… Our thing is teaching and service. How to apply makeup, why you are applying the makeup, the reason we are using the colors we have chosen for you. We treat people very much individually because we know everyone is different especially with makeup needs.”


Claire Wright trying a highlight on Caroline Stroud. Photo by Sarah Kane.

In 1987, Amy Head and her husband, Harold, opened a makeup studio. In 1999, Head opened her first store in Ridgeland. In August of 2010, the building space on South Lamar Boulevard, right off the Square, became the second Amy Head Cosmetics location.

Amy Head offers a makeup service that includes a three-minimum product purchase. Instead of paying a makeup fee and leaving without anything, the company takes a different approach.

With each session, customers choose from products used during the makeover. Each session normally starts with skincare, and the customer tells the makeup artist the look they want.

From there, the artist chooses colors that compliment the customer and explains why and how they are applying the makeup. Each session normally takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Walk-ins are accepted.

If she could best describe Amy Head in one phrase, Wright said it would be “Natural glamour; everyday glamour.” She said the teaching and service Amy Head Cosmetics offers make the line special.


In studio of Amy Head Cosmetic in Oxford. Photo by Sarah Kane

Caroline Stroud, 25, is an Ole Miss graduate who started working at Amy Head in Oxford in June of 2015 right after graduation. Stroud graduated with a degree in print journalism, and heard about Amy Head through a friend’s wedding Head attended.

“Amy Head is a nucleus of creative,” Stroud said. “I had to learn how to be completely selfless. Women bring in insecurities for us to fix, and I love that I can show and highlight their natural beauty through this line.”

Wright believes the store location helps with its success. “We have a wide range in customer base between local natives and college girls that come in the store,” she said. “We also have tons of people who come visit and just walk in, and after the first visit, continue to order online, or call a phone (an) order in … We have a lot of girls whose moms end up wearing our line because they come to visit.”

While Head does a lot of research and stays updated attending runway shows, she runs product ideas by her artists, valuing their opinion regarding colors and product names. While Head has the final say, Wright said it’s nice to have a voice in the product.

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