Chicory Market welcomes customers to October grand opening


Kelly Zeidner
Oxford Stories

University of Mississippi senior Margaret Munie grew up on a small farm

“We grew pumpkins, tomatoes, squash and other similar veggies,” she said. “I would sell them when I was younger to my neighbors, so it is really cool to be able to support the local farmers here while I am in school.”

Munie now buys veggies at the newly opened Chicory Market.

“I love shopping at Chicory Market because I know how much of an impact I can make in other people’s lives,” she said.

The minute you walk into Chicory Market, you feel an atmosphere of local people supporting local people. In the small town of Oxford, there is a strong need to support each other through charities, sports or the farmer’s market.

Every time someone walks into Chickory Market, the employees recognize them. If they don’t, they try to make them feel like family. Phones are constantly ringing with farmers on the line wanting to bring more of their products.

Chicory Market is Oxford’s latest grocery store featuring local and organic products. Originally known as Mr. Hollowell’s Farm Stand, it was restored as Chicory Market.

Owner John Martin returned to Oxford to open Chicory Market on June 22 to support the local farmers and their produce. The official grand opening was Sunday, Oct. 8,  at the storefront at 274 County Road 101 in Oxford.


Chickory Market sells vegetables, grains, meats and household items. Their  products come from around 40 local farmers and food makers. Nearly half are from Lafayette County.

“We opened Chicory Market to support the community,” said owner John Martin. “If it does not come from Lafayette County, then it most likely comes from somewhere close by in Mississippi.”

You can buy many items in bulk. Shoppers can save by buying grains, beans, rice and granola per pound. The market has a variety of fresh fruits and cheeses. Some top items are free range eggs, local meats and local seafood. You can also find organic foods, like pasta, crackers and oils.


Produce is brought in daily and weekly to ensure freshness. “My favorite item here at Chicory has to be the tomatoes,” says Martin. “They come from a farm here in Lafayette County.”

Another best seller is their fresh milk delivered daily from Brown Family Dairy in Oxford. One of the most popular items is guacamole and salsa fresh from a local maker in Memphis.

They hope to expand into a full service kitchen where they can produce soups and premade foods. Chicory Market is also testing out selling some household products, such as cleaning products and household items.



The business also works with UM students. They participated in Ole Miss “Food Day” in early October to inform students about Chicory Market and offer samples.

Local partners have created some exclusive items for the store. Oxford’s Heartbreak Coffee has created a “Blueflower Blend” to serve at Chicory Market. It is called the “Blueflower Blend” because a chicory is a blue flower.

Everything from the food they sell to the mural on the outside wall is local. Farm to market is the main focus.

The store is very family-oriented and a great place to bring your kids to learn about the importance of shopping local, enjoying an ‘Oxsicle,’ and picking out a pumpkin.

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