Review: 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time was worth the wait

Alexis T. Rhoden
Oxford Stories

Mississippi native and Third Coast representative Justin Scott, better known as Big K.R.I.T, dropped his anticipated, independent album, 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time.

Many fans waited patiently on Apple Music, Spotify and all streaming music services to drop the album Oct. 27.

Big Krit is a unique artist because he only releases what he believes in, and it is not normal radio jams. He didn’t compromise his style, music ethic, or beliefs to keep up with the music of today. Some will agree his style is not for everyone – except old souls.

Krit has been getting his fans ready for the release of his album for about a year now. In the first week, the independent album shot to #1 on Apple Music and ranked #3 on Hip Hop Albums.

Loyal fans have been rocking with Krit since his first mixtape, See Me on Top in 2005. After 13 mixtapes, two EPs, and three studio albums, we wondered why Big Krit released his label and went independent.

In Krit’s lyrics, he has not made it to mainstream because of the truth his music embodies. He dropped a single after being released from his label titled, “Free Agent.” In this song, Krit describes how no one will take him out of his element in the music business, so he’ll do it on his own as a free agent.

The beat builds as Krit comes in with:

“Oh Lord, Lord there they go
Trying to f*** me out another but I ain’t a h**
I produce and write my own s***, I know the score
Ima drop another mixtape , and go on tour
We ain’t playing games man, I’m too grown
For you to try to take me out my m************ zone
For you to try to to tell me I ain’t m************ known
I guess I gotta do it how I done it on my own”
-“Free Agent” (2016), Big KRIT

This excited fans because they knew how his next projects would be with all this bottled up. 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time was released with two sides, totaling 22 songs.

The first side is Big K.R.I.T. This begins with Krit burying the old him, and becoming a more mature Big Krit. Track 1 through Track 11 are the songs that make the speakers blast, and he puts power verses over amazing productions by producers, such as Mannie Fresh on “Subenstein.”

krit side 1

Album cover for “Big Krit” side of 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time.

Side one holds sounds similar to Outkast, UGK, and 8Ball & MJG. On either song, you can pull out the old school cars and coast, or put them on at a party and get everybody out of their seats.

The postlude song Get Away comes in with an old clock ticking and eventually buzzing trying to wake people up. In this song, Krit said he can’t follow the crowds today. He has to make his own way. “I got to get away from that bulls*** that they on/ Everybody get ya glow on.”

krit side 2

Album cover for “Justin Scott” side of 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time.

On the other hand, side two, titled with his government name,  Justin Scott, brings out a more self-conscious side of the person fans are familiar with. Scott reveals his depression due to fame, lusty thoughts of being in a relationship, negativity of social media critics, lack of spiritual guidance and, most of all, family problems. In track 8, titled “Price of Fame,” he vibes his everyday thoughts with a smoother beat.

“Paparazzi after my shows asking me questions
God fed up with my soul so ain’t no blessing
Happiness can’t be bought or sold, I learned my lesson
Now I see what fame will really get you
Bottle by the nightstand, that ease the stress
Dealing with depression, pills on the dresser
Fiending for affection so I’m buying out the section
Now I see what fame will really get you”
-“Price of Fame” (2017), Justin Scott

Big Krit uploaded a video on his social network pages promoting his newly released album, saying: “Go listen to it, go put your folk on to it, go put your baby mama-mama on to it. It’s a double disc—Big Krit side and Justin Scott side. Spent two years working on it, and I’m super excited for y’all to finally get the chance to hear it.”

Hands down, 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time is the best album of the year. Big Krit took his precious time to present this jewel (album) to his fans, and he knows that they treasure it.

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