Blasian Junkie’s Top 10 tips for being a good rapper

Chauncey Taylor
Oxford stories

Local rapper and Ole Miss sophomore Jordan Browder (aka Blasian Junkie) has been gaining attention in Mississippi. He is a member of the Jackson-based rap group “601 Dream Team.”

Browder’s rap flow has been deemed unique among new rappers. With chill vibes and effortless style over an original beat selection, his music seems to have a vibe of its own. This may be the reason so many people seem to gravitate to his content.

His popularity came quickly within a few months of his first project dropping. With Soundcloud plays already at more than 3,000, his E.P. “B&L” is popular from Oxford to Jackson, and is still gaining plays.

So  how does he do it? How did he get so many people to want to listen to  his music so fast? And what does it take to be a good rapper? Here’s Blasian Junkie’s Top 10 Tips To Being a Good Rapper.

  1. Be yourself. “You are going to get caught if you try to be somebody else. Not only that, but if your style is something completely new and nobody’s ever heard it before (and it’s good), people will praise you for it.
  2. Explore. “Check out other genres and be open to being influenced by things you wouldn’t normally listen to.”
  3. You have to have a team. “Having a consistent group of people that have your back and will help you when you need it is key.”
  4. Promote Yourself. “No matter how good your music is, if no one knows who you are, no one will hear it. You have to make an effort to promote your stuff whenever you can.”
  5. Be open to constructive criticism. “Even when people are just hating, listen to everybody’s opinion. You might just learn something.”
  6. Save your money. “This rap stuff is EXPENSIVE. If I had money, I would have so much stuff done. It is okay to have a regular job until you get on. Always have another source of income besides music.”
  7. Use your free time to work on your craft. “Whenever you’re just bored or walking to class, play some beats and freestyle in your head. I promise it works. You will get better, and sometimes even come up with your best ideas.”
  8. Always be thinking of video ideas. “Pay attention to your surroundings. I like to just look at all of the scenery when I go places. You never know where you might find a good place to do a music video.”
  9. Change your flow. “This is a big one. Everything you make can’t sound the same. People will notice, and once they do, your music will sound boring to them.”
  10. Confidence. “It’s okay to be a little cocky. You have to think you’re the best. If you don’t, then nobody else will.”

Browder said some tips came from observations of other people who have been successful rappers. “There is nothing wrong about having an artist you respect that has made it and studying how they got to where they are,” Browder said.

The other tips are his own. Fellow “601 Dream Team” member Myron Evans, aka Lil Mexico, has been rapping with Browder about two years.

“We first started rapping in like the beginning of freshman year before any of us even had songs on the internet,” Evans said. “It would be me, JB (Jordan Browder), and three more of our friends just free-styling for hours and hours.

“We would get in someone’s car, turn on a beat, and be in there all night. JB just has this kind of swag on tracks that makes it impossible to not at least bob your head. It’s like he’s so chill and laid back when he goes in the booth.”

Browder’s reputation speaks for itself. While he is a new artist, it may not be long before he solidifies his place in the rap game. He has all the tools that he needs – confidence, flow, swag and talent.

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