Column: I will cherish the memories I’ve made at each of my Oxford homes

Margaret Griffin
Oxford Stories

Deciding where to live while attending college can have an enormous impact on a student’s college experience. Coming to college, I was excited about all of the new places I was going to visit and live in.

As a senior now at the University of Mississippi, I have lived in several different areas in Oxford. Each home away from home holds different memories and experiences I will cherish forever.

However, as I compare all of the places I have lived while here, I have begun to realize that they are not what hold a place in my heart. It is the people I was surrounded with in each of those places I will remember and hold dear.

The University of Mississippi requires students to live on campus during their freshman year. My first residence in Oxford was Martin Hall.

I lived in room 209 with my best friend from home. We had matching bedding, a couch, a fridge, and just about anything we could possibly need crammed into our shoe box-sized room.

It took a bit of time adjusting to the amount of space and the community bathroom down the hall, but we had the time of our lives doing so. The infamous “Martin Hill” was waiting for us everyday as we went to and from class. The C Store was always available as well.

The Hub at Oxford was my next home at Ole Miss. The Hub is located on Anderson Road near West Jackson Avenue. Our entire pledge class was spread out all over The Hub, and my four-bedroom apartment was never empty.

Living there with my entire pledge class gave me the opportunity to grow closer to girls I did not live near the previous year. There was never a dull moment. We were constantly back and forth between each other’s apartments sharing clothes, food, and memories together.

After living at The Hub, three of my friends and I decided to move to the opposite side of Oxford at a newly built complex called Traditions our junior year. Traditions is a small neighborhood of houses off of South 18th Street.

I lived in a four-bedroom house that was much bigger than my apartment the previous year. My friends and I lived right next door to other girls in our pledge class. While I was surrounded by a lot of the same people, being on a different side of town allowed us to make new memories in all new places.

After leaving Traditions, I moved into the Tri Delta House on campus. Tri Delt only allows us to live in the house during our senior year.

Since pledging Tri Delt, I have been excited to move int0 the house. My older sister lived at Tri Delta during her senior year at Ole Miss. I was a freshman at the time, and I would always hang out with her at the house. She helped me get comfortable and showed me my way around.

sun roomHaving Tri Delta to come to in between classes over the past three years has been so nice. I could always find a friend there to hang out with or eat with. Now that I have moved into the house, that same convenience is heightened.

The location of Tri Delta could not be more conveniently located for me. Most of my classes are in Farley, so it only takes me a few minutes to walk to them. Not having to drive to campus and find a parking spot has helped make getting to class so much easier for me.

Another great part about living in the house is always having food. Tri Delta serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Being able to come and go from daily activities and not having to worry about stocking my fridge or picking up food has also been a big help.

living room

My older sister always told me that living in the house her senior year was her favorite place to live while she was in college. I now understand why she said that. Although I have only lived here for a few months, I have seen how surrounding myself with a house full of 60 of my best friends has made this year so different from previous years.

stair case

It is almost as if I have come full circle around Oxford from moving into the dorms my freshman year. I am so thankful for all of the places and people I have met while living all around Oxford. Being back on campus and living in the sorority house is going to be the best year yet.

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