Review: Without Warning featuring 21 Savage, Metro Boomin and Offset lacks variety, but succeeds as a hit

Chauncey Taylor
Oxford Stories

Recently, hip hop stars 21 Savage, Metro Boomin, and Offset (a member of Migos) dropped a surprise collaborative album. Needless to say, these three men are some of this year’s most successful artists.

With all three having possibly the best years of their careers, dropping an album together is like candy for hip hop fans around the country.

Offset is a member of the biggest group in hip hop at the moment. Metro Boomin is the most popular producer in the game right now, and 21 savage just broke Apple Music and Billboard records with the fastest song to ever go #1 on the charts.

This is a hip hop all star team, and the result of these stars coming together for a 10 track project did not disappoint.

If you follow rap music, or you are a fan of these three artists, you can probably guess how this collaboration sounds. Metro Boomin has had an extensive history of working with both of artists on multiple occasions. The songs were full of his trademark qualities — a catchy beat, a lot of bass, and some hard rap verses from all of his features.

The album is 10 songs of exactly this. Offset and 21 Savage performed all of their verses, and so did the others featured. With features from Travis Scott, Quavo (a member of Migos), and a few others, it’s no surprise why the project as a whole is full of bangers.

The trio took no time hyping up their audience by skipping an intro and starting with the song “Ghostface Killers,” featuring another highly acclaimed rapper, Travis Scott.

The song is a smooth-flowing track, but it is catchy enough to be played in any club across the country. In the song that follows, Offset reunites with fellow Migos member, Quavo, in the song “Rap Saved Me,” while 21 Savage supplies a hook that will remain stuck in your head for days.

After giving us these two songs with amazing features, Offset took on the third song alone. This song, “Ric Flair Drip” (appropriately named after wrestling legend Ric Flair) is possibly the best song on the entire album.

The beat of the song is reminiscent of something that Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley would rap on. As expected, Offset excels on this uptempo track and provides the catchiest song out of the 10 dropped.

Although sonically the overall album sounded great, I have a few critiques. The first is repetition. After you listen to about four or five songs, you will start to notice all of them are starting to sound a lot alike.

Even though the songs are great songs, it sounds like they made the same great song 10 times in a row (with the exception of “Ric Flair Drip.”) This left me a little confused about how I felt about the project as a whole after listening to it all the way through the first time.

If all of the songs sound good, is it okay that they all sound alike? It definitely led me to lose interest in the album faster than I would have liked to.

Part of that issue can be credited to Metro Boomin. He was the album producer, so it is his job to make sure the songs sound different. If he is the one who provided the beats for Offset and 21 Savage to rap on, he should have given them beats they could use to demonstrate variety.

Also, if he did not, then one of the rappers on the album should have said something. They are big enough in the game to give input.

The second critique is that Offset completely outshined 21 Savage on every song. In not one instance was 21 Savage the best part of the song. In fact, in some cases, he was the worst. I actually found myself, in multiple instances, waiting for his verse to end so I could hear what Offset’s verse sounded like.

Now, when I say his verses were the worst, that is a relative term. They were, by no means, bad verses, but compared to the other people who were on the songs with him, he just didn’t out-rap anyone.

Despite these few critiques, overall, the album was great. It was 10 songs that could have all been hits on there own. As a fan of all three artists, I was not disappointed by this project. We will be hearing tracks from this album all over the place very soon.

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