Video: Organizers prepare for running of the Golden Egg

John Bove
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The running of the Golden Egg is a tradition that started just five short years ago. S5 Christian Sanchez and BC Josh Duff are some of the main coordinators for the running.

The event has grown in a short amount of time. “It started as an idea, for a way to promote the ROTC program,” Duff said.

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Josh Duff directs other ROTC student in work for running of Egg

When asked what the goals for the Egg Run are, Sanchez said it’s about community involvement. “We try to show our face, not just by doing Army ROTC stuff, but by reaching out to the community,” he said. 

Moving forward, Sanchez, who has made the run before, describes what it feels like to participate in the run. “Not just in Calhoun City, but all along the highway, people come out and show support,” he said.

He also offered tips for runners, “Get you a light pair of shoes, because the pace that we’re going at is going to be pretty fast.”

When talking about the run specifically, Duff said the task is, “quite daunting to run all the way.” Although, he has never ran the race himself, he described his feelings. “I think it’s going to be a fun thing we [ROTC] get to do,” he said.

For non-ROTC students, there still is not a way to get involved yet, unless you travel to Calhoun City yourself. However that is not stopping Ole Miss junior Ian Tharp, who recently learned about the event. “It seems like it’d be an awesome thing to be a part of, especially when we kick State’s butt,” he said.


Ole Miss ROTC is working hard to get more members involved on campus. However, as a unit, they expressed scheduling difficulties. If it falls on a break, there is not much you can do about participation, since students are home. This year just happens to fall on Thanksgiving break.

The running of the egg is a newer tradition at Ole Miss. What makes the running of the egg so unique is the fact that there is nothing like it. What school/schools do you know that run a football 40 miles?

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