Video: Oxford rock band Magnolia Grove gaining popularity

Adam Horn
Oxford Stories

Magnolia Grove, a new psychedelic rock band in Oxford, may just be the next big thing.

Jackson Maddox, lead singer and guitarist, said the band started as a bedroom project between him and friend, William Richardson, about two years ago.  

“We were just kind of tinkering around with songs and stuff,” Maddox said, “writing a little bit here and there.”



After Richardson’s untimely death in June, Maddox decided it was time to get real with the band.  

“I felt like a cool way to honor him would to be to finish out some of the stuff we had written and put out an EP,” Maddox said, “and at that point, I had written so much more that I wanted to use for the band. So I started hitting up friends who played music and asking them to be in the band.”

IMG_0236In August, Jackson along with guitarist and vocalist Buck Long, guitarist Garrett Shearman, bassist Joseph Wells and drummer Matt Isonhood came together to work on an album and secure local gigs.

In early October, the band released its four-song EP named after the band. The release included their early pieces “The Grass is Always Greener,” “Heads,” “Don’t Know” and “Don’t Go Outside.”

Maddox said the band gets its inspiration from 1960s rock giants like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Beatles and contemporary psychedelic rock artists like Tame Impala, Mild High Club and Mac DeMarco.

In the early phases of making an album, Maddox said they’re recording some demos right now to get a rough sketch of what they want the songs to be like, “so that we aren’t just going into the album completely blind,” Maddox said.


The band plans to record the album’s final songs immediately after


Christmas break. They intend to have 10 songs on the album and have decided on six so far with 12 other songs vying for the last four spots.

Today, the band is focusing on getting those six “for sure” songs recorded as demos before moving eliminating some. They have played several venues on the Square and a few private events.


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