Video: Rebel Market is a home away from home for some UM students

Conner Owens
Oxford Stories

Ole Miss has many places where you can spend your day. Rebel Market is a place where many students can relax and get to know each other while getting a bite to eat.

Dorothy Turner is Rebel Market worker who has been there for the past eight years. She has touched the lives of many students and faculty who have come through the doors of the Rebel Market.

Kate Norman, a UM freshman, said: “It’s comforting to see a friendly face when you’re this far away from home and in a new place you don’t know much about.”


Turner says that one of the most valuable things that she has gained by working at the Rebel Market is the memories and the relationships that she has formed through her job with the new freshmen.


Turner has grown to love her front desk job that makes her the face of the Rebel Market and allows her to talk to each person as they come in.

Senior Matthew Barker talks said Rebel Market had an impact on his freshman experience here at Ole Miss.

“I remember coming here to Ole Miss and seeing the huge buffet style food lines, and then hearing Mrs. Dorothy asking me how my day had been and genuinely wanting to find out how I was adjusting to Ole Miss,” he said. “I liked having someone who really cared about us freshmen when we’re away from home.”


Turner still gets to know many students who come to Rebel Market.

“Sometimes kids are away from home and just need someone to give them a hug and tell them that it’s all going to be okay,” Turner said, “and then I let them know that they can talk to me whenever they need to at the Rebel Market.”

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